How to intercept in Madden 22

There is nothing in Madden like intercepting the ball. Whether it’s a winning end zone pick to ruin an opponent’s hopes behind the wheel or a 14-point swing on a six-pick, interceptions are always huge. Here’s everything you need to know about how to intercept a pass at Madden 22 .

How to intercept in Madden 22

Interceptions come in all shapes, sizes, and difficulties. There is the rookie quarterback who is easy to intercept as he throws ducks all over the field. Then there’s the outfield general who really tests your defensive sense with his quick and accurate passing.

For the former, you won’t need anybody amazing to intercept the ball. Batted balls can be easily caught by linemen and some LBs might even catch the ball on the fly.

But if you want to take out quarterbacks like Pat Mahomes or Lamar Jackson, then a bullet or safety corner like Richard Sherman or Anthony Harris will only make it easier to intercept passes.

User Picks in Madden 22

When a pass flies through the air and your defender is within range of catching it, you can sit back and watch them charge. But this is not always the most effective strategy. You can also press the yes (Xbox) Where Triangle (PS) to have the CPU Defender come up and grab it.

It’s a bit better than the hands-off option, but there is another method used by the best Madden players. You can change the defender you control by pressing B (Xbox) Where Circle (HP) . This will shift your control to the defender covering the pass receiver. Then you can press yes Where Triangle go for int.

That’s all there is to know about how to intercept a pass at Madden 22 . Just keep in mind that some defenders will be better than others. It may even take time to perfect the art even with a prominent corner.

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