How to install Xposed Framework on my Android cell phone? – Very easy

The Android cell phone is one of the most used inventions worldwide, so much so that more and more tools are being launched on the market that allow users to optimize their performance, and even improve browsing speed in Google Chrome, for example . Among those tools is the Xposed Framework on Android, which adds modules that are installed to change some system functions and applications.

Like most of us, you want your Android phone to perform better. Maybe you know how practical the Xposed Framework is , but you don’t know how to install it, right? And maybe you wonder: How to install Xposed Framework on my Android cell phone?…. Too easy! Here you will learn how to do it.

Xposed Framework Features

Xposed Framework allows the installation of modules, in this way to be able to make some changes to the Android system and applications;  that is, these modules modify functions, forms and libraries of the applications or the system without changing the APK. For example, a module can modify emojis without changing system files.

Xposed Framework is very practical, since its modules are capable of changing the interface to the extent of adding and modifying functions in applications. When the modules execute the modifications they are made in memory , that is an advantage, because you can undo everything, deactivating the module and restarting the system.

Installing Xposed Framework on Android phones is very easy

Installing Xposed Framework will depend on the Android version of your cell phone. Something important is that it is essential to have root. There are ways to determine if your mobile is rooted or not , this method is very advantageous.

However, it is advisable to back up your cell phone through a system security account, it could be through the recovery mode , this in case the installation fails. With all of this in mind, follow these steps:

  • From your cell phone download this site https: // , once installed a screen will appear, there you must activate the Xposed modules as well as the additional ones and configure the installer.
  • To activate the modules you must click on «Framework» , then a window will appear in which you must click on «Install / Update».
  • Then a warning will be reflected, click on “Accept” , the cell phone will restart and the modules will be activated. You must be patient, as the procedure can take a few minutes, in which all the applications are adapted again. After the process is finished, you can start activating the modules you want.

Some modules available for Xposed Framework

There are a large number of modules for the Xposed Framework to choose from; and these are some of the most sought after, surely some will adapt to what you want:

  • GravityBox: This module is one of the best known of Xposed, since it is very complete to modify and customize the appearance of the cell phone.
  • CrappaLinks: This module is basic, as it prevents application links from opening in the browser, instead of in the application that it should be.
  • Greenify: This module has the function of optimizing the performance of the cell phone, suspending apps that are not being used. Android has improved this situation through Marshmallow; however Greenify offers better control of the result. Also, this app can be used without root or Xposed.
  • NeverSleep: This module allows you to use the screen on while using other applications, in addition to being able to configure them.
  • BootManager: Allows you to choose which applications you want to load when the system starts and which ones you don’t.

As you can see, installing Xposed Framework on your cell phone is very easy , it allows the installation of modules to be able to make some changes to the Android system and applications, these modules modify functions, forms and libraries of the applications or the system without changing the APK. This tool offers you optimal performance of your cell phone.

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