How to install Windows 11 Home

Going back to last June, when the first versions of Windows 11 were released among Windows Insiders users (to be later leaked), it was discovered that Microsoft had blocked the installation of the operating system so that it would not complete if there was no an available internet connection on the device, eventually requiring you to sign in with a Microsoft account .

Unfortunately, while some workarounds to circumvent this restriction quickly emerged, Microsoft seemed to be focused on re-blocking all of these methods. However, it seems that we can still make use of one of them, allowing us to complete the installation of Windows 11 Home without the need to be connected to the network .

This was demonstrated and explained by a user in the Neowin forums , who have now shared an explanatory clip compiling this method. Under the only requirement to use compilation 22000.184 , below we will explain the whole process step by step:

  1. First of all, the Windows 11 Home installation process will normally be initial.
  2. Once we get to the step “We are going to connect to a network”, we will simultaneously press the Shift  +  F10 keys on our keyboard
  3. By doing this, a command prompt window will open, in which we will type the command “taskmgr”,executing it by pressing the Enter key on our keyboard.
  4. After this, we will open and expand the Task Manager window and click on more details,looking for an option called ” Network connection flow”
  5. By right clicking on it, we will select the option to ” End task”
  6. After this, we will only have to return to Windows 11 Settings and continue the normal process to add a local account

As you can see in the video, once finished, not having an internet connection, some icons will not load correctly, as the applications will not be downloaded yet. But don’t worry, you haven’t done anything wrong. In fact, something similar will happen with some current system applications, which, although they can be executed, will not be able to load anything.

After completing the installation with this method, we can connect to the Internet to allow Windows to finish downloading the applications normally, even without having logged in with a Microsoft ID , which at the moment does not seem to be necessary to continue using the operating system.

That said, as we have seen on previous occasions, it would not be surprising if Microsoft ends up releasing some kind of patch to force us to register an official account. Although at the moment it is a good way to freely and previously enjoy this operating system before its official launch on October 5 .

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