How to install VNC Server on my Ubuntu device

In today’s world, control over the devices that we use repeatedly is something important, how about being able to use a device to see what other computers are doing? If you have a team and you are the supervisor that the work is carried out this represents a great advantage. It is for this reason that there are free source software such as VNC Server who have for you a professional service on multiple platforms.

This server, according to its official page , has for you the possibility to see the shared screen of the other elements that are added from a device. Consequently, regardless of the distance, using this program you can connect computers from anywhere in the world, regardless of their operating systems .

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  1. What are the benefits of using VNC on your Ubuntu device?
    1. You have good creativity in your cloud
    2. You share your assets in real time
    3. Detailed access control
  2. What requirements do I have to meet to be able to download VNC in Ubuntu?
  3. What is the procedure that I must follow to perform the installation?
    1. How to configure the VNC server?
  4. What do I need to do to properly run VNC on Ubuntu?

What are the benefits of using VNC on your Ubuntu device?

Among the many advantages of using a device with an Ubuntu operating system you can find its stability and security, so if you have decided to use a VNC in it you will take advantage of many advantages, among them :

  1. The existing level of protection and security, since this has a really complex encryption that other people take care of not arbitrarily entering to modify or view your devices.
  2. Both the Ubuntu system and the VNC Server have a compatibility advantage, as none of the programming components prevent them from performing their functions normally.
  3. It is not limited to being a help server for your device, but offers a wide range of activities.
  4. The simple installation process that this software offers you, which is why many of the comments on the internet favor it.

Its advantages do not stop there, those who seek to use it is because they have also read about the advantage of its use in aspects such as :

You have good creativity in your cloud

If you have used the Drive application as a file in Google , you know that clouds are a storage system, in the case of VNC Server we tell you that it has its own cloud, which you can save the address book, some event data, among other elements indicated in their policies. That is why if you want to deactivate this possibility you must make sure to configure it.

You share your assets in real time

The activities that are reflected in the device are those that are currently being carried out, so due to its speed and efficiency, it generates a lower risk that real time is affected.

Detailed access control

Access control is quite simple and in its options it explicitly details the functions of each one, with this you make sure you really do what is indicated.

What requirements do I have to meet to be able to download VNC in Ubuntu?

Mainly you must have a good internet connection , in addition to this you must meet the following requirements :

  • A version greater than or equal to Ubuntu 18.04.
  • Having entered the official site and downloaded the VNC Server for Linux program.

Of course you should not forget that it is important to have a screen manager , a fundamental requirement not only for Ubuntu, but for all operating systems, although some have it out of the box.

What is the procedure that I must follow to perform the installation?

Just like installing a KDE Plasma on the Ubuntu server , you can install the VNC Server installation with a series of steps, you can divide it into the following steps :

  • You must update your system, for this in the panel place the following: sudo apt update then you must press enter.
  • Take care of installing the screen manager of your choice, as this system does not have one configured.
  • Then you must restart the computer and you will have installed the administrator correctly.
  • Now you must open a terminal to execute the following: sudo apt install x11vnc to confirm your download press on the letter s.

How to configure the VNC server?

In order to run this program, not only the installation is enough, you must change its configuration to be able to use it and recognize the screen. For this you must :

  • Create the following file: nano ~ / .vnc / xstartup you must place it verbatim.
  • Place the following lines verbatim, as they are a code:

#! / bin / bash

xrdb $ HOME / .Xresources

startxfce4 &

When you’ve done this, make sure to save it and run the chmod command to check the permissions.

What do I need to do to properly run VNC on Ubuntu?

Once you have done all this, you can use the VNC in a simple way, for this you only need to connect using a password between the users to connect the different devices. We tell you that if you did not do all the procedure correctly, the installation may not have worked so you will not be able to run the program and you will have to start everything again.

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