How to install Viber on a computer

Viber is mainly communication on a smartphone, but sometimes it is more comfortable to use the Windows version. This approach can be justified, for example, when mobile communications are poorly functioning and there is no Wi-Fi. If everything is OK with the mobile phone – Viber is already installed on it, then the version for the computer is installed in a couple of clicks without problems. But what about the owners of antediluvian phones who are not friends with the messenger? Learn how to install Viber on your computer without a smartphone.

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Installing Viber on PC

If you can’t make friends with the Viber phone, you need to use the Android emulation program. There are several options for such applications. We will give the top solutions in the form of a table:

  Andy Bluestacks NoxPlayer
Price Free of charge Shareware Free of charge
Streaming + +
Synchronization + +
Multitasking + +

All these are Windows programs , although there are Mac versions under all these names, and Andy even works under Linux.

After installing the emulator, you need to install Viber on your desktop PC or laptop . Read on for details.

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Installing the emulator and Viber on a computer

As an emulator, we will choose Bluestacks, as the most functional program. First you need to download it from the office. site. If the antivirus doesn’t like it, ignore it. After use, you can remove it from your computer. Installation of Bluestax takes 5-10 minutes. To install, you need a couple of free GB, select a folder on a suitable disk.

You should not remove the checkboxes on access to the store and communications during installation. After installation, the application will start. The program will ask for permission to determine the user’s location. You can agree or refuse, this will not play a special role. Next, select the interface language. The following setting items:

  • Adding a Google account. We can’t do without it, because Google Play will definitely come in handy. Enter your email and password. If you do not have a Google account, you must register it. You should get a mailbox with after the “dog”. We save mail data (name, password) on a computer or write it down in a notebook.
  • Next, the Google services window will appear. It is advisable not to remove the check marks in it. An exception is the newsletter.
  • We skip entering payment data. We will use it for free.
  • Enter your name for personalization.
  • A window opens in which you can find the Play Store icon.
  • Find Viber in Google’s pantry and install it in the emulator.
  • Click “Open” to launch the messenger.

Viber settings in the emulator:

  • Enter the SIM card number of the old phone.
  • An SMS will be sent to the mobile phone to confirm the registration.
  • Viber activation in the emulator is complete. First / last name can be entered.

Now we have Viber in the emulator, it remains to install the computer version of the application on the PC. Download it at the office. website of the messenger and proceed to installing Viber on a computer without a modern phone. At the very beginning of the installation, the program will prompt you to enter a phone number. We enter the one to which Viber is attached, installed in the emulator.

Next, the messenger will offer to scan the QR code with a smartphone. We select the link “the camera does not work”. In the opened authentication window, click “Copy”, after which the link, which is the identification key, goes to the clipboard.

We return to Bluestacks, go to the browser and paste the copied key into the address bar. The emulator will prompt you to confirm the activation of Viber on your computer. We agree, completing the process of installing the messenger on the PC.

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Viber settings – the final chord of the procedure

After you managed to install Viber on a regular computer without a phone, most likely there will be a messenger on the PC without contacts. If they are still pulled up, great, otherwise they will have to be added through the emulator. Android has a button for adding contacts. We use it, add people and save ourselves from having to enter subscriber numbers every time.

In conclusion, we list the main stages of the deed:

  1. Installed Bluestax.
  2. We found Viber in the Play Store and installed it in the emulator.
  3. We launched the Viber installation on the PC and, along the way, tied the computer attachment to the android one.

In general, the main idea is to replace the smartphone with a program that imitates it. As you can see, Viber is installed on your computer without first installing it on your phone.


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