How to install the FF Multi Converter file converter on Ubuntu

When you have a computer , it is usual that all kinds of files are handled on a regular basis every time one logs in.

From the first moment we start to open a program, or simply turn on our equipment, the software within our equipment is in charge of accessing all kinds of files in order to keep every small part of our computer running. Here is the importance of always having the software of our equipment updated and it is also important to diagnose any problem in it .

All this, not to mention the fact that we are always opening images, music files, entering different programs such as browsers, or even clicking on the start of our computer ; this way we are always handling files of some kind or making our computer do it.

However, many of the files that we access we do not do so manually , since the same operating system is in charge of managing different files in the background from the moment we open a program.

Even if we put the background processes aside, we will generally be opening written documents, music or images, so if one enters a computer it is impossible not to be handling files.

That is why at some point it is not enough to have a file converter at hand within your computer. A file converter is a program that allows you to convert one file format to another, for example if you want to transfer a PDF file to Excel if you have the need to do so you can do it through the converter.

This is why, if you need to convert files from one format to another, you may want to download a converter, and if you have Ubuntu on your computer , you can use FF MultiConverter . Therefore, see below how you can download this simple file converter without too much trouble.

What formats does FF MultiConverter support?

When we talk about file formats , we can find lots of different types in our life that we can be on a computer. In fact, new types have often been developed over the years that can become a bit rare for the inexperienced.

And, among all the types of these files, we have to keep in mind that there are lots of different types of image files, video, text and much more to work with.

Also, when we talk about file format converters, we will generally see converters that handle only image files or only video files. The good news is that, unlike these conventional converters, FF MultiConverser is responsible for converting a wide variety of files, being able to support image, video, sound, text files and much more.

That is why it is not a good idea to download it and have this useful tool on hand whenever you need to make a conversion of this style, since you will only need this program, a couple of clicks and your file to convert.

Installing FF MultiConverter

As is usual with most of the programs that we install within Ubuntu, we have to open a command window to download and successfully install our file converter. All we have to do is open the command window and enter the line ” sudo add-apt-repositoryppa: ffmulticonverter / stable “.

Once the process of the previous line finishes, you must refresh all the information on the screen and introduce a new line, which would be “ sudo apt-getupdate & amp; & amp; sudo apt-getinstallffmulticonverter ”. And, once we do this we will have our file format converter ready to be used whenever we need it.


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