How to install the Covid Certificate on Huawei mobiles

To use the Covid Certificate on Huawei mobiles, all you have to do is open the PDF in a document app or retrieve a screenshot from the gallery, but it can also be installed in Huawei Wallet in order to have it accessible in the wallet . It is enough to carry out a few steps, we will explain which ones.

We have detailed on other occasions how to install the Covid Certificate in Google Pay , the payment application that Google mobiles usually include that bring their services and apps. But what happens in those Android devices that do not have access to the Google Play store and Play Services ? The clearest example is the Huawei users, who must deal with the American veto . Luckily, in the AppGallery there is a solution.

Download the Covid Certificate to Huawei Wallet

The Huawei wallet and payments application does not offer compatibility with banks in Spain , but it does allow adding from discount coupons to loyalty cards. Thanks to these added functions, it is possible to install the Covid Certificate to have it always accessible in the mobile wallet, also synchronized with the Huawei cloud.


All the ways to install the Covid Certificate on your Android: PDF, Google Pay and other applications

It is not essential to carry the Covid Certificate on your mobile since it is enough to show the printed PDF . Even so, it is advisable to keep it in several places to ensure that it will always be at hand. Since the certificate’s QR code can behave like a loyalty card, you can save it in Huawei Wallet so that you have it along with other cards and coupons.

First things first: you have to download the Covid Certificate in PDF to your Huawei mobile. There are two ways:

  • Through the health application of your Autonomous Community. Install the app that corresponds to you, register and in it you will see a “Covid Certificate” section. Download it to the phone and you will have it in PDF format. In the event that the health application is not found in AppGallery, try searching for the APK. If not, you will have to request the Certificate at the Ministry.
  • Through the Ministry of Health. It is a process that requires having a Cl @ ve or digital certificate: it is accessed through this website of the Ministry . Follow the steps and, after completing them, you will receive a notification along with the link to the PDF with the Covid Certificate.

With the PDF on the phone is enough, you just have to open it if you need it. Even so, let’s see how to install it in Huawei Wallet, a process that involves converting the PDF to PKPASS, the Passbook format of the iPhone (you can save this step by directly downloading the Covid Certificate in Wallet format ). For the task we will use the Covidpass website. It is safe, but you must bear in mind that, even so, you share private medical information with the page .

  • Make sure you have the Covid Certificate in PDF format downloaded to your phone.
  • Open the covidpass page on your mobile.
  • Click on ” Select file“, choose the Certificate you saved and select the color that the card will have.
  • Scroll down to the “I accept the privacy policy” box and check it.
  • Click on “Add to portfolio” and the website will generate the Passbook file. The process is safe and takes place in the browser. The web and the code are open source.

The PKPASS file will have been downloaded to your Huawei mobile. Now it’s time to add the Covid Certificate to Huawei Wallet, let’s see the last steps.

  • Install Pass2Pay on your phone . It is an app that converts Apple Passbook passes into a Huawei Wallet and Google Pay card.
  • Click on the PKPASS file that you downloaded earlier, choose “Open as” and select the Pass2Pay app.
  • Fill in the missing box with “Covid Certificate”.
  • Scroll down to the bottom, uncheck the option “” include Pass2Pay terms of use “and click on” Save to phone“.
  • The pass will be generated and then the Huawei Wallet will open. Click on “Save” and you will have it available as a card.

If everything went well, you will already have the Covid Certificate in your Huawei wallet. To show it you can load the card directly from Pay. And, since it is synchronized with the phone’s cloud, you will have the Certificate in the rest of the devices that you use with your Huawei account .


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