How to install SoundConverter on Ubuntu to convert sound formats?

The audio file conversion process is usually a must for any user. In this regard, SoundConverter allows to achieve this purpose quickly and effectively. If you wonder how to install SoundConverter in Ubuntu to convert sound formats? , then this article is for you.

The SoundConverter app

There are numerous applications for converting audio files. However, SoundConverter stands out among many multimedia tools for its effectiveness and practicality. This application has a friendly and simple interface. For this reason, many users consider SoundConverter to be a veteran application .

Next, we explain everything related to the installation process of SoundConverter in Ubuntu in order to convert sound formats.

What is SoundConverter?

SoundConverter is an application that can be used to convert audio files quickly and in “multithreaded” or  multithreaded” mode This tool was created by GNOME and allows to process audio files of any format.

Also, SoundConverter can write over certain audio files, use any GNOME audio profile, and only get the audio from a video file.

What is SoundConverter for?

SoundConverter is used to process audio files through multiple processes by making use of all the CPU available in a computer.

This application has various functions such as converting files, creating directories according to certain tags, and changing file names.

How to install SoundConverter on Ubuntu to convert sound formats?

If you want to install SoundConverter in Ubuntu you should know that this application is in the repositories of this system, so we recommend you learn to install programs from the terminal in order to follow the following steps.

Access the Ubuntu terminal

To enter the Ubuntu terminal, press the “Ctrl + Alt + T” keys . Immediately, you will see a new window where you can install SoundConverter.

Install SoundConverter

Once you have entered the Ubuntu terminal, type the following command line: sudo apt install soundconverter and press the “Enter” key. The system will take care of the installation process automatically.

When the installation is complete, you can run SoundConverter from the application menu or through the terminal. If you are going to use the terminal, you just have to type the soundconverter command and press the “Enter” key and you will immediately access the application. If you don’t want to use the terminal, you can choose to install the program in Ubuntu from the internet .

Use SoundConverter to convert sound formats

To take advantage of the SoundConverter tool from Ubuntu, you must select the option “Add file” in order to locate the audio file you want to convert. Another way to add the file is to find it within its folder, click on it, and drag it into the SoundConverter window.

The application interface will show you the added and selected file. Then, you must choose the “Preferences” tab to open a new window. There, you can configure parameters such as the location of the converted file, the quality of the audio and what type of format you want to convert the audio file.

Convert sound formats easily with SoundConverter

Press the “Format” drop-down list and select the type of audio file you want to convert. Finally, press the “Convert” button to start this process.

When the conversion is finished you can go to the folder or directory you initially chose in “Location” and there you will find the converted audio file. It is important to note that the application allows multiple file conversion which, therefore, will increase resource consumption.

Through the above procedure you will be able to properly convert audio files within Linux operating systems. Sounconverter is undoubtedly an exceptional tool for this task. However, if you prefer another option, you can change sound formats without programs easily and for free.


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