How to install SkyShowtime on an Amazon Fire TV

SkyShowtime is available on most platforms, but not on Amazon Fire TV devices. The good news is that you can install your app in another way. We tell you how to do it, step by step.

The new SkyShowtime platform is not available on Fire TV. At least for now. It can be enjoyed from its website, on Android or iOS mobile devices , on Chrome OS, Mac or Windows PC computers and on smart televisions through Apple TV, Android TV and on some LG or Samsung televisions. But it doesn’t say anything about Amazon devices like the popular Fire TV or TVs with Fire TV built-in.

We already experience this problem with HBO Max . When HBO switched to HBO Max , Amazon’s official app for Fire TV was unavailable for a while. But since FireOS , the operating system on these devices, is based on Android, there is a relatively easy way to install the app .

So while we don’t have an official SkyShowtime app on Fire TV , we may as well download and install its version for Android TV, a cousin of FireOS . And when the official version is available, as happened with HBO Max, you can reinstall it from the Amazon Appstore and enjoy SkyShowtime content without problems.

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Install SkyShowtime on Fire TV

On both Android and FireOS, the software on Amazon’s Fire TVs , you can install apps in a variety of ways. The main one is through the official store, the Amazon Appstore . But there are apps not available there. The second option is to download alternative stores. There are quite a few. And you can also download the APK installer directly and install it on your Fire TV as another app.

In our case, we are going to download the version of SkyShowtime for the Android TV platform. So you can install SkyShowtime on Fire TV. The generic Android version is not worth it because it is designed for smaller screens. And we want to see content on a television . A reliable source where you will find such an installer is APKMirror . In this repository you will find APK installers of most Android applications.

But to download an APK file from a Fire TV, you will first need a specialized tool for this task. The Amazon Silk browser , the one that is by default on these devices, does not work for us. The most popular solution to download single files in FireOS is precisely called Downloader. It is free and you will find it in the Amazon Appstore. Its creator is responsible for the AFTVnews portal , specialized in news about Amazon devices.

A very useful aid to install applications

So, with this alternative method to install SkyShowtime on Fire TV, you first download and install Downloader on your Fire TV from the Appstore . Then you enter Downloader and search for “SkyShowtime APKMirror Android TV” in the address bar of the application. Or, if you prefer, enter this link directly . Downloader will open the page without problems. Then, navigate the page to download the APK by tapping on the APKMirror download button .

A Downloader window will appear on the screen asking if you want to download the SkyShowtime installer for Android TV . We’ll say yes, and then ask you to install it. A white window may open, reminding you of the old Android installer. Click on Install and wait for the process to finish.

If you see an error message that prevents you from installing SkyShowtime from Downloader, it may be because you don’t have the corresponding permission enabled. To do so, you’ll need to go to My Fire TV > About > Fire TV Stick . Then we enter Developer Options or similar and Applications from unknown sources . We activate that option and that’s it. Now you can go back to Downloader and try again to install the APK that we have downloaded.

Enjoy SkyShowtime on Fire TV

When the installation is done, you will henceforth see SkyShowtime among the apps installed on your Amazon Fire TV. Open it and test that everything works correctly. Remember that to access its content you must be previously registered . You can do it comfortably from its website and then enter your username and password in the Fire TV app.

SkyShowtime content is currently in Full HD. That is, in 1920×1080. It does not offer movies or series in 4K or UHD as is the case with platforms such as Prime Video, HBO Max or Disney+ . So if your Amazon Fire TV supports 4K and your TV is set up to do so, you may have trouble playing SkyShowtime content .

If so, the simplest solution, for now, is to go to Settings > Display and sound > Display > Video resolution and change the resolution from 4K or 2160p 60Hz to Full HD or 1080p 60Hz . You’ll have to switch back when you want to switch back to 4K-capable apps like the ones mentioned above. However, before making these changes, check that you can see SkyShowtime correctly on your Fire TV 4K .


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