How to install Safari extensions in Windows

Do you like the style of MacOS? Even your applications? If you are interested, there are ways to install Safari extensions in Windows with a few simple steps, so that you can enjoy the full potential of this browser.

This alternative to Chrome is highly preferred by many users around the world, including those who are not Apple supporters, which is why it has become quite coveted and favored by much of the internet.

What should I do first to use Safari extensions on Windows?

Safari is a native MacOS program, as you may already know, but due to the diversity of users who have fallen in love with it, others have spent their time finding or developing a version of it that works stably on Windows.

Now, these are third-party advances, that is, neither the company nor the official developer have approved a build compatible with Microsoft’s operating system , so you will not find an official download link.

However, it is not restricted or banned in any way, it is a free version that can be found on the net very easily and practically anywhere, just do a quick query on Google and you will find it.

If, on the contrary, you have not been able to find a presentation of the program, we will help you . That is the latest build released for the OS in question that you will be able to get on the web, and although it is a bit outdated, it is still very efficient.

Installing the program on the system

Now, before you can use the Safari extensions in Windows , you must install the program properly on the system, this is simple, since you only have to perform the installation with the administrator settings, to avoid errors.

In this sense, you just have to follow the steps in the Safari installation wizard window , configuring the elements at your convenience and waiting for the bar to complete before using the program.

With the browser installed, how do I add the extensions?

As you read before, there is no support from Apple for this version of the browser for this system, in fact, this is an old presentation compared to the current one.

Therefore, you will not find a Safari extension in Windows that is created by the original developers , although, this does not mean that you will not find any, because if you can discover several that, like this program, are founded by third parties.

You will not need to rely on the search engine for this, on the other hand, you can do it from the browser itself, accessing the preferences area, where you can place the settings for the “Extensions”.

Within this segment, you must activate the function by pressing the “On” button, which means “On”, which in turn will show different available extensions, which you can download from this same section.

Next, the software will ask you if you want to continue with the installation (after it is downloaded). To continue with it you must click on “Install” and then wait for the process to finish to be able to use it.

You can also install Safari extensions in Windows from other places different from the program segment, in which case, you must follow the instructions of the developers to the letter, as they may vary.

Once you have managed to install the Safari browser, you must learn to use it correctly. You may be interested in knowing how to solve a common problem that is when the address bar disappears or how you can recover deleted tabs and windows.

Have extensions update automatically

In this procedure you will carry out a process similar to the previous one, therefore, to activate the automatic updates of the extensions. You must enter in this same section, in the “Preferences” section of the program.

Within the category of “Extensions” you will see a button at the bottom of the screen that will be called “Updates”. L fter, in this screen, marcarás the option that says “Install updates automatically”.

Whichever browser you prefer, whatever you use, you may encounter the problem that web pages do not load. Or to be able to use them more easily and quickly you can learn a keyboard command that allows you to close them quickly.


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