How to install Safari extensions in iOS 15

The new iOS 15 has not changed much compared to iOS 14. Many readers of our Telegram chat considered the iOS 15 update useless: there are few external differences, and the new features simply did not like it. Actually this iOS has a lot of small innovations, extensions in Safari are one of them. Apple’s browser has always lagged behind Chrome on this issue, and now it has something to brag about. We figured out the new function: what it is, how it works, why use it.

How do Safari extensions work in iOS 15?


  • 1Why do we need browser extensions
  • 2How to install Safari extensions in iOS 15
    • 1How to remove the Safari iOS 15 extension
  • 3Useful extensions for Safari iOS 15
    • 1Momentum extension
    • 2Turn off the lights
    • 3Super agent

Why do we need browser extensions

Extensions not only decorate the browser, but also make it much easier to use

We notice extensions in the browser when there are none. New ones are constantly appearing in Google Chrome: downloading music, blocking ads – it’s not so interesting anymore. It’s bad when there are no similar features in iOS. The Safari browser in iOS 15 now has support for extensions that make the browser easier to use. Unfortunately, there are not so many of them yet, especially those for which you do not need to pay – extension developers bank in full, raising the price of their plugins to the limit. There are not many Safari extensions yet, but there is something interesting.

How to install Safari extensions in iOS 15

There are not many extensions in the App Store yet, but many might be useful to use. Installing them is as easy as shelling pears.

It’s easy to set up and download extensions

  • Open Settings;
  • Scroll down to Safari and select it;
  • Under the General section, click Extensions;
  • Click More Extensions;
  • Follow the App Store prompts to find and install extension apps;
  • Once the apps are installed, return to the settings page and enable them.

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How to remove the Safari iOS 15 extension

Some extensions may get bored or find another more interesting analogue. To prevent the two plugins from duplicating each other, it is better to disable the old one or even remove it altogether. How to do it?

It is very easy to disable or remove an extension

  • You can always configure how extensions work in iOS, disable them or remove them;
  • Go back to Safari Preferences;
  • Go to Extensions;
  • Switch the extension setting to “Off”;
  • From the home screen, uninstall the app.

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Useful extensions for Safari iOS 15

Unfortunately, there are few interesting plugins in the App Store. But Apple motivates developers to create them. At the moment, various ad blockers are especially popular. I managed to find something interesting and free. The extensions are not only beautiful but also very practical.

Momentum extension

The Momentum extension changes Safari in a cool way

It has chrome counterparts, but it looks amazing on the iPhone. The application greets you and sets a pleasant landscape from its own library, displays the weather and geolocation. On the start screen, you will be asked to enter your name and goals for the day. As you complete tasks, you can cross them off the list. Such small pleasant things will allow you to take a break from the routine and rethink your actions. The extension sends daily mantras in order to reboot, or will store yours. Overall, the best extension besides AdBlock. Of the minuses : there is no Russian language.

Price : Free

Download Momentum

Turn off the lights

The plugin allows you to darken the screen not only when watching a video, but also while reading

Another unusual extension that can be useful in everyday use. It allows you to dim the entire page when you watch a video. Just click on the icon to disable the feature. By the way, if you don’t like bright light, you can activate a reading extension, for example, our Yandex.Zen – it’s very convenient!

Price : Free

Download Turn Off The Lights

Super agent

No more pop-up signs about cookie consent

An extension that automatically fills in annoying consent to the use of cookies on sites. The extension simplifies privacy by giving users the ability to decide whether to track them: all they need to do is select their preferences and the extension will do everything for you.

Price : Free

Super Agent extension

Safari extensions in iOS 15 are just gaining popularity. In the same Chrome, they have become an integral part of the browser – now they are available for all iPhone users. What extensions are you missing? Write in the comments.


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