How to install Roku and connect it to my TV

Nowadays, thanks to technological advances, there are a lot of variety of operating systems that you can connect to your television, many of these are so simple in a physical sense that they are mostly in the shape of a small box. This is Roku, having many functions , the size of the box fits in the palm of your hand.

What is Roku TV and what is it for?

Although we already mentioned that Roku is an operating system that you can connect to your TV , here you will learn more about it. It is of great interest to know that Roku is the first company that created streaming playback for televisions.

This device is connected through the USB or HDMI input and therefore you must have the cables, these are USB or HDMI already mentioned, you must connect them to your normal television in order to turn it into a Smart TV.

The goal of Roku is to play any streaming content , audio and multimedia videos, and you can connect on PC or laptop .

This device can be connected to different electronic devices such as Tablet, phones, Apple TV, Devices with Android TV , among others. Having connected this device to your television, you will immediately be able to watch television channels and platforms over the Internet.

For its functionality, Roku must be connected to the Internet, WIFI as if you were connecting a cell phone, computer or Tablet. On Roku you can see Facebook , movies, news, music, free or pay TV channels, among others.

It should be noted that there are different types of Roku operating systems, such as: Roku Express, Roku Premier, and Roku Streaming Stick. Something that is great about Roku is that it is a completely free operating system, you do not even need to pay a subscription. Keep in mind that the free of Roku is its service, not the hiring of external channels.

Among the great advances of Roku, is that in Mexico there are Roku Televisions, they already have it included in the configuration, among these televisions we find: ATVIO Televisions, Hisense Televisions, JVC Televisions, SHARP Televisions, Philips Televisions and TLC Televisions.

It is also interesting to know that on Roku TV you can search for any program through voice activating . To do this, you must activate or join the voice command for Amazon Alexa and Hey Google.

How to install Roku and connect it to my TV easily?

Before answering this question, the first thing you should know is that you have to open a Roku account. To access the free content you must enter the main or official Roku page and fill out the requested information.

You must accept the requirements and conditions and press Continue, enter a security code to have a channel or buy. Then you must enter your payment method, also have your Roku device on hand to pair it with the screen.

Finally, press the Sumit button and with this you will get your Roku account so that you can get the best programs, having created the account, proceed to install it,

To install it you must follow the following suggestions without skipping any of them so it will be easier and simpler.

  1. Your TV must have an HDMI or USB input because the Roku device will be connected to TVs that are compatible with it.
  2. Since the HDMI cable is not included in the box when you buy your Roku device, you will need to purchase a compatible one.
  3. You will need to connect the Roku device cable to the electrical outlet or power source for it to turn on and work.
  4. Through the Settings option, connect your Roku device to the WIFI network by entering the name and password.
  5. The Roku operating system will automatically restart when you have connected it to the available WIFI network.
  6. After having placed the two batteries in the remote control, you must place the time and date.
  7. Go to Roku Link on the TV screen with your browser browser, enter the code that appears.
  8. When you have placed the code , you will notice that Roku is downloaded and configured for you to use.


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