How to install .NET Framework 3.5 without using internet connection?

When acquiring one of the latest versions of Windows , when executing a program, the system may announce an error of needing a specific version of .NET Framework , in order to accomplish the task and execute a certain program.

Despite the fact that Microsoft has taken care to integrate it among its components, today there are still files that need the 3.5 compilation to work .

Unfortunately, as of Windows 8, version number 4 is the one that accompanies the operating system, being the cause for which the error message appears.

It should be noted that this problem can also occur in previous versions such as XP or Windows 7, in case the plug-in is not installed, but this should not be a cause for concern.

If you want to solve this problem, but do not want to use your Internet connection to download it, here we will explain how to acquire and install it without the need for it.

General concepts of the .NET Framework

Known as DONET and translated into Spanish as “Marco de Trabajo”, it is a software created by the Microsoft company. This plugin is the one capable of allowing multiple applications to be executed .

Its components are the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and a class library, from where everything that is executed on the desktop or browser is interpreted.

In relation to the aforementioned, versions later than Windows 8 integrate this complement by default. But today there are still programs that require working in conjunction with. NET Framework 3.5 to function.

Plugin functions

Mainly, it makes sure that the operating system is a run-free environment. So that the computer has optimal performance.

Through such an environment, the programming of each software runs safely. Even when its development has been carried out by third parties or unknown sources.

It should be noted that being an interpretive complement of languages. It is capable of integrating with other types of code , so that each one is compatible with Windows.

How to install .NET Framework 3.5 without using internet connection?

Although finding this version of the add-on is quite simple over the Internet, not acquiring it by this means will depend on your comfort and to avoid possible leaks of invasive agents to the computer.

The truth is that the version you need of the .NET Framework is at your fingertips, as it is located on the Windows OS installation disk . So all you have to do is extract the file and run the installation from the DVD drive.

Install DONET from disk drive

Whether it is Windows version 8, 8.1 or 10, insert the installation disc into your desktop or laptop for the system to detect it.

Once it appears in the “Computer” section, you must open the “Command Prompt” to enter the following command: ” Dism / online / enable-feature / featurename: NetFx3 / All / Source: F: \ sources \ sxs / LimitAccess ”

It is important to mention that where the command ” Source: F ” indicates the letter F must be replaced by the one that corresponds to the address of the installation disk. When finished, press “Enter” and you will see how the installation process is completed.

What can you do if your computer doesn’t have a disk drive?

Because the content of interest is inside the installation disc, the best recommendation is to enter it in a computer than if it has a disc reader and extract the file. To some other device that can be connected through USB ports.

After inserting it, you only need to repeat each of the previous steps with the “Command Prompt” , remembering to place the letter of the appropriate address. In this way, it will not be necessary to use an Internet connection to purchase such a necessary complement for the operating system.

Finally, running all system applications will no longer be a problem. Since the solution is at your fingertips by following these simple steps.


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