How to install Microsoft Office online in Windows 10 free forever

Always the office suite Office has been our faithful companion to draft documents, make slide presentations, perform calculations, among other things. Everyone who has Windows knows very well that package of programs in charge of making our lives easier. And now you can install Microsoft Office online on Windows 10.

All this because new competencies have emerged and, with the help of the cloud, Microsoft wants to keep up with those that already offer a similar service. For this reason, users of this suite have the opportunity to have a new alternative.

This is Office Online, a program that we can install on our Windows 10 for free and we will have access to it whenever we want. We will explain shortly how we can install it on the computer.

What does Microsoft Office Online offer us?

This is a free version on the web that makes Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote available to us. Its functionalities are reduced compared to the version that we install on our hard drives.

These web applications give us access to have the documents at hand from any browser, share them and make edits with other users via the internet. All this thanks to the cloud .

Microsoft Office Online can be installed in Windows 10 as if they were common applications due to its progressive web condition , also called PWA . They will be visible on our computer waiting for us to double click on them to use them.

And if we are thinking that because it is a functional version on the web it will bombard us with advertising, then let’s not worry because we will not have these annoyances.

How do we install Office online for free on Windows 10?

The steps to perform this installation will be easier if we have the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser . This is already conditioned to directly download this type of office suite programs on our PC.

When we open it, we can easily access the versions of Office Online present on the web (Word online, Excel online or PowerPoint online).

When entering the online office application that we are going to install in Windows 10 for free, we must open the browser menu tab.

We will see that the “Applications” section appears and we choose the alternative of installing the website as an application . We will assign any name to the program and proceed to “Install”.

If we choose Excel online, for example, it will appear installed on our Windows 10 computer as a shortcut to run the program. When you double-click on it, your version of Office Online will be displayed as if it were any app downloaded to your computer.

Ready! We can already use it to do our work on the sheet that it offers us. Similarly, we will have it for Word and PowerPoint.

These applications that Office Online offers us are really very useful . But just as we install them on our PC, we must also know how to uninstall them. If we go to the “Configuration” section, we will find the section “Applications as programs installed in Windows 10. From here we will carry out the uninstallation without any problem.

Also when opening the PWA application menu from the app itself , we will be given the option of uninstalling the program and discarding it from our PC.

The shortcuts and files formed on the hard disk will be erased. If we want to have any of these programs again, we simply apply the same steps that we have mentioned above.

As you may have noticed, installing Microsoft Office online on Windows 10 for free is a fairly simple process. What’s more, you can access these applications forever and from anywhere in a web browser. Let us know your opinion of what you have read by writing in the comments section located a little further down.


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