How to install Google Chrome on your Kali Linux?

The Linux operating systems that exist are well known for the high level of security they offer, in addition to their versatility in terms of customization in terms of configurations. All this is thanks to the fact that they allow you to easily authorize any type of permission as a root user .

As for Kali Linux systems , there is the idea that they are not very useful or that they tend to be incompatible with many programs, but this is a mistake. At least, in the case of Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers, they can actually be used easily , thanks to the fact that this system has a variety of tools such as Kali Tools.

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  1. How should you prepare your device for the download of this browser?
    1. Upgrade Kali
    2. Download the Google Chrome package
  2. What is the most reliable source to download Google Chrome on Kali?
  3. How do I install Google Chrome on a Kali Linux device?

How should you prepare your device for the download of this browser?

As you already know, existing Linux operating systems are easy to operate, and Kali Linux is no exception, to be able to install Chrome is simple , but you will have to pass certain security measures to get the most out of it, it is best to have your system in the latest version, this so as not to have so many problems with security measures.

You should also take into account that, to download this browser, it is best to look for the complete package , since it would be very tedious to download each file manually, the rest will depend on the resources that your computer has. Also, you can try other alternatives to achieve it.

Upgrade Kali

This system differs from the others, since it is not easy to see the options it has, this is because most of the functions can only be entered using specific commands , the same happens to see what version of the Kali system you are in. . To see the version you just have to enter ‘System’ from there go to ‘Preferences’, inside you will see the option ‘Key combinations’ click on this, from there enter ‘Family’ and press where it says ‘terminal’, this will open you a box with a blank space.

Just in the blank space you must write a key combination, you can use the ones of your preference, such as pressing ‘CTRL + Alt + A’, once you choose your combination save it and place the configuration you want.

Once you configure the keys, press them to open the command terminal , in this you must use the commands ‘Isb_release-a’ and ‘uname-mrs’, then a text will appear on the screen, in this you will see in which version of the Kali system you are Make sure it is the latest version available, you can easily find this out on its official website.

Download the Google Chrome package

For this, the first thing you should try is that the Wget plugin is in good working order , since this is the one that is responsible for making the downloads in the system, this also through commands. If you want to verify the Wget plugin, you should go to the command window, enter the command ‘wget – version’ and press Enter, in case it is not installed, simply press Enter again to download.

To start downloading the complete Chrome package you must enter the command ‘wget’ and press Enter. This is used to search for it, to start the download process now enter the command ‘sudo dpkg-igoogle-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb’ and press the Enter key again, once downloaded it will be enough to type ‘google-chrome’ + the key with the one you want the program to start.

What is the most reliable source to download Google Chrome on Kali?

If you want to download directly to your computer with Kali system , then you will have to do it through commands. You can also do it through pages such as Mega or Uptodown, but this is not recommended, the best thing you can do is go to the official Google page, and thus avoid any inconvenience with damaged files or viruses, which would do more complicated your work.

How do I install Google Chrome on a Kali Linux device?

To install in Kali Linux you must use the command window, since this system uses it for everything, that is why it is so safe , the use of commands prevents something from infringing its security. To open this you must press the keys that you have configured for this, once it is open, do the following steps:

  1. Open the command console.
  2. Enter the command ‘sudo apt update’ and hit Enter.
  3. Now enter the command ‘sudo apt upgrade’ and hit Enter.
  4. Proceed to see if the Wgettool is working , for this enter ‘wget – version’ and hit Enter. If you don’t have it downloaded, use the command ‘sudo apt install wget’ and hit enter to start the download.
  5. You will have to download the 64-bit version of Google Chrome, for this use the command ‘wget’.
  6. Once the package is downloaded, you must install it byentering the command ‘sudo dpkg – i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb’ and press Enter.
  7. If you get some kind of error, you can solve it by entering the command ‘sudo apt-get install —f’ and hitting Enter, this should solve it easily.
  8. Once installed you must open it by typing ‘google-chrome’ and press Enter.


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