How to install GCam without root on Redmi 7A

Just take a look at Amazon to realize that the Redmi 7A is one of the most popular phones. Having such a popular phone we always want to stand out in something, for example photography. For this we have to achieve 100% use of the camera and this is only possible with GCam. That is why we will tell you how to install GCam without root on the Redmi 7A.

Installation restrictions on the Play Store

The Google Camera or GCam is the camera application specially designed for Pixel devices. That is why the application has installation restrictions from the Play Store . However, it is still possible to install the app on other devices. This is done simply by using an APK.

However, in the specific case of the Redmi 7A, the process is a bit more complicated. Originally the GCam is designed for 64bit devices , and the Redmi 7A only has 32bit. This means that there are very few functional options available to install.

APKs to install GCam on the Redmi 7A

Despite the few options available on the Web, we found two APKs so that you can install GCam without root on your Redmi 7A. The first option is version 3.2, the oldest but also the most recommended. While the second option is version 4.2 of the app.

It’s just a matter of downloading both APKs and verifying which one works best on your device. To download version 3.2 follow this link. You can download version 4.2 here. Once you download the file, you just have to install it and enjoy the app .

The process is very simple, you don’t need XML files or any other type of configuration. However, we recommend accessing the application settings and always leaving HDR + Mode on . In this way we can obtain better results when taking a photograph.

That is how easy it is how you can install GCam without root on the Redmi 7A. Now you can take the best photos with your device. If you are not convinced by this application, you can simply uninstall it and use the default mobile app.

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