How to Install Editable Motion Graphics Templates in Premiere?

Installing editable motion graphics templates in Premier can put an innovative spin on your edits. With this tool you have much of the benefits of After Effects but in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Motion Graphics templates are all .mogrt files . They can be created in two programs, After Effects and Premiere Pro, both Adobe software therefore can be used in both one and the other.

They are editable tools, so you can let your imagination run wild when setting up a base template. It is similar to using the Adobe Photoshop toolbar to remove or remove text or letters from an image in Photoshop , just citing a clear example.

It is also very useful within Adobe editing programs. If you want to know how to install editable motion graphics templates in Premier , keep reading!

What are templates for?

Templates or templates are animated graphics, such as titles, shape layers, click layers, among others . These can be downloaded directly on the internet to avoid the work of having to create it from scratch.

These graphic elements are quite useful whether you are an advanced editor or a beginner. Using templates will make your production stand out. They will help you get your own style and get much more original work.

One of the biggest advantages is that on the web you get a large number of templates that you can get totally free. Likewise, most are fully editable so you can adjust them to improve them or adapt them to your work and style.

Install Editable Motion Graphics Templates in Premier


The editing tool, Adobe Premiere Pro , comes with a series of sample templates that were created in the same program or in After Effects. These can be found in the Creative Cloud Library, Adobe Stock, or the local Template Folder. Once you have the templates you want to use on your computer, it’s time to install them.

Steps to install motion graphics templates

Installing editable motion graphics templates in Premier is as simple as rendering less weight of video in Premiere.

The first thing you should do is locate, at the bottom left of the essential graphics panel, a square-shaped icon with a small arrow. Click on it and it will take you to the Motion Graphics Templates window .

Next, go to the folder where the templates you want to install are located and click the ” Open ” option . The file will automatically be copied to the local templates folder and you can locate it in the essential graphics window.

Another way to install editable motion graphics templates in Premier is to drag them directly from their location in the file browser to the ” Browse ” section within the essential graphics window.

With this method you will be able to install several templates at the same time selecting them all with the left mouse click. By installing editable Motion Graphics templates in Premier you can use them in any other document you want to edit in Adobe Premiere Pro. Just go to the local templates folder to locate them.


If you cannot find the folder where the animated graphics templates are located, it is because they are not displayed by default among the files. To see them you must activate the option “Show hidden files”.

The default location for these folders is, on Mac: username / Library / Application Support / Adobe / Common / Motion Graphics Templates /. While in Windows it is the following: root: // Users / username / AppData / Roaming / Adobe / Common / Motion Graphics Templates /.

Downloading the templates directly from the internet may or may not speed up your work. This is because there is so much variety that you can take hours looking for the one that really suits your needs.

And maybe, in the end, it’s not what you really wanted. For this reason, it is important that you keep in mind that it is also possible to create your own animated graphics templates from the application.


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