How to install Echo Auto

Do you have an Alexa device at home and now you can no longer do without it and taken by the enthusiasm you let yourself be convinced and bought an Echo Auto device to bring Alexa even inside your car? But now you are wondering how to install Echo Auto? No problem, the procedure to configure and use alexa in the car thanks to echo auto is quite simple and in this guide, without getting too lost in useless chatter, I will show you step by step.


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Install Echo Auto

Have you chosen to take alexa in the car and make your old grinder a supercar? Wait a minute, Alexa doesn’t work miracles! It will certainly make your car smarter and keep you company with good music and useful information but it certainly won’t be able to interact with your car’s controls.

What does echo auto do? exactly the same things as a home echo that is to listen to streaming music, set reminders, drop in, ask for various information, install skills etc. etc. What has made it popular in America is the possibility of using it (in combination with home automation devices such as the Broadlink ) to open, for example, the gate of the house via voice command (or completely automatically via geolocation and IFTTT ). But the real added value is the ability to add voice commands to any car (even the oldest ones) to make phone calls, send SMS and get directions (use the smartphone’s google maps) avoiding distraction while driving.

Auto echo positioning

Installing Echo Auto is all in all very simple, the first thing you will have to do is find a place to place the device.

The auto echo bracket is only compatible with certain air vents; if you have decided to mount it to the air vent, make sure it is compatible. Personally I prefer a cleaner installation by placing it in the center of the passenger compartment making it as discreet as possible and hiding the power cable.

The ideal would be to place echo auto in the center of the car above the car radio to ensure that you have maximum reception from its microphones.

If your car vents are not compatible, you can opt for a car mobile phone holder or better yet a small non-slip mat that, in addition to mobile phones, allows you to adapt your echo car to the dashboard of the car without having to make any holes or use. adhesives; they cost very little and have an impressive grip.

You can also decide to buy a magnetic holder made especially for echo auto that allows you to position the Alexa device anywhere in your car.

Auto echo link

Next you have to connect the echo auto device to the power supply; the best solution would be to power echo auto through a USB port on your stereo system but if you don’t have USB ports available then you can power it from the cigarette lighter socket thanks to the adapter included in the package.

Finally you have to connect echo auto to the car audio system; the connection is via Bluetooth but for some models shown in this list you will necessarily have to use the AUX cable. Obviously, to configure Echo Auto with Bluetooth, you will need to have a car stereo that supports Bluetooth (in this case version 4.0 or higher) and music playback via Bluetooth.

To associate echo car with Bluetooth, set the car radio to Bluetooth while you want to connect it with the AUX cable, set the car radio to AUX.

Then open the Alexa app from your smartphone; press on the More button (the button with 3 lines) and then press on Add device . Now select Amazon Echo and then   Echo Auto as your device and follow the wizard.

Once this is done you will have finished installing Echo Auto and you will be immediately ready to use it. It goes without saying that echo auto will use the data traffic of your mobile phone to connect to the internet so make sure you have a tariff plan that offers many Giga of internet to avoid “running out of water”.

As you may have noticed, installing Echo Auto is very simple and allows you to bring Alexa to cars of any type; if your car is not compatible you can still bring Alexa in the car thanks to some little tricks.

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