How to install DJ Mixxx in Ubuntu a free Virtual Dj

Throughout history, music has been part of traditions and cultures, creating an impact on times and societies. It is considered a pleasant art and pleasant to the ear. This is thanks to the different tones that can be produced in a musical note; with one or more instruments what can be a melody as a product.

In addition, for music to make sense, it must be made up of the following elements, although in some cases it depends on the culture of the place: melody, harmony and rhythm.

The music can be found according to the variety of genres such as: Rock Music, Jazz, Dubstep, Electro, Rhythm and Blues or R&B, Techno, Country, Indie Rock, Pop Music, Hip-Hop, Evergreen, Classical Music, piano concerts, symphonies and operas. And the fact that mp3 music is sent by WhatsApp or any other means is becoming more and more common.

Music in the course of time has evolved by mixing with different rhythms;   producing a new way of seeing and feeling music, this is thanks to the people who dedicate themselves to doing this type of work, which are called disc jockey (DJ).

A DJ is an artist or musician who collects music from other artists for the purpose of mixing and playing a consistent list whether it is a party or other event.

The music mixes can be done with a console or mixer; they can be analog or virtual made up of different parts.

These important parts of the console are: Microphone, Line, Phono, Digital Inputs, Master or Main Outputs, REC, Tape or Recording, Control Room, Auxiliaries, Input Channels.

Nowadays you can find varieties of consoles that you can use such as: Console Mixing console, DJ-Mixer, Studer and you will also find some for free operating systems; that you can use including DJ Mixxx that you can install in Ubuntu. Learning to install or uninstall programs in Ubuntu is something that will be very helpful.

In the free operating system, in this case the Ubuntu distribution you can use different programs to download music such as: Amule, Tribler, JDownloader, DJ Mixxx.

What is DJ Mixxx?

Dj Mixxx is a program where you can assemble music mixes in your style, since it can be used by anyone, especially Djs. You can find it on the web and download it for free for any operating system, since it is cross-platform and open source such as Linux, Ubuntu, Windows and Mac OS X.

Dj Mixxx is the most downloaded program on the Internet; It is advanced, modern and complete and you can use it at home for your family gatherings or among friends.

This program was created in 2001 by a student as part of a project carried out by university students copying a DJ with digital systems.

Later, as this program was known, many people wanted to obtain it, thus opening the doors for other programmers to improve it; making it currently the preferred one by users.

Powerful mixing engine and other useful industry tools indispensable to every DJ, Mixxx brings creativity and excitement to anyone who wants to experiment and innovate.

This program was created in a way that you can use it with various devices such as MIDI which is a controller and its various brands; Pionner, Denon, Hercules DJ Console, Vestax Numark. Among the versions you can find are 1.8, 1.9.0, 2.0, and the most updated 2.2.3.

How to install DJ Mixxx on Ubuntu for free?


Step 1

Open your browser of preference and type Dj Mixxx, you click on the search there you will find the official site .

Step 2

Then you will see the download options for the different operating systems Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu and their derivatives.

Step 3

Choose the option in Ubuntu where you will find the download commands, copy them and enter them in the terminal of your computer.

Step 4

Launch the repository, update it and then proceed to insert the Dj Mixxx installation command, then go to the desktop and click on the icon and start making your mixes like a professional Dj.


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