How to install and play Windows games using Steam Play on Linux?

Today the term gamer more than a taboo is in fashion, and now everyone plays at least one small video game on their phone. But, to call yourself a true gamer you must know how to install and play Windows games using Steam Play on Linux, you didn’t read wrong, on Linux!

If Linux does not sound like a synonym for a video game, it is because it really is not, this is not the field that free software developers dominate the most, but with all the advantages that this operating system has, it was a matter of time for someone to put his intelligence and effort in creating something of true quality for the system.

Install and play Windows games using Steam Play on Linux!

Basically, you have to free up space on the Linux disk to have more capacity and thus not have problems with the process.

For this, it is enough to go step by step in the process of uninstalling Ubuntu programs from the terminal , favoring the emptying of information on the disk.

Who else if not Valve was going to have the great idea of ​​moving their games and systems to Linux. The truth is that this initiative is unique and what it is obviously seeking is to enhance Linux by making it a friendlier system for gamers.

How did they do it? What they did was integrate Wine into Steam play with the name of Proton, what this does is that you can play video games natively on Linux and also play Windows video games.

To make it easier to understand the company has a database called ProtonDB, it contains all the games available for Linux (you can see them all from Linux itself).

These are divided into categories depending on how well they work in the operating system, the platinum ones work perfect, the gold works well but can improve, silver work but have some problems, in bronze the same only with much bigger problems and finally broke directly do not work.



Before going to the process of installing packages or programs in Ubuntu from the terminal to play Windows games using Steam Play on Linux, first and to give your mind a bit of context, you should know that it is proton.

It’s basically an open source compatibility layer that allows Windows games to run efficiently on Linux (it was obviously created by Valve ).

This was created by taking Wine as a source and adding the DXVK source code , which is a library with direct3d graphical API instructions.

Thanks to this, it gives much more graphical power to Linux games and also allows adding many more to the list, such as those that are native to Windows.

How to install it?

Now if it is time to learn how to install and play Windows games using Steam Play on Linux, this is very simple and should not take more than 10 minutes.

First install the Steam client, once this is finished, run it and go to the “ Settings ” section (it’s at the top), then you will notice that on the left side there are a series of options, choose “ Account ” and then “ Changes ” .

Once you have selected this option you must choose “Steam beta update” , this option will download all the functions and will restart the program.

Once that process is finished, go back to ” Settings “, and you will notice that now there is a new option called “Steam play” and that is the one you must follow.

In the new window that will appear you have to enable   “Supported titles” and “For all titles” , after accepting everything will be ready, you just have to go back to the beginning and look for what you want to play.


And ready as if nothing and in less time than it takes you to get out of bed you can install and play Windows games using Steam Play on Linux, always bearing in mind that some games are only available on certain versions of Windows Server that exist.


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