he Fortnite game is one of the biggest hits of the moment. His style helped establish the Battle Royale genre, which has been replicated in dozens of other titles. The good news is that you can install Fortnite on your PC for free, as the game is completely free.


If you are still one of those who “only heard about this fashion”, but have not yet had the opportunity to play it, know that the game is one that is worth being on your list. In this article, we will show you step by step for you to download, install and start having fun with the Epic Games game that today has millions of active users.

Downloading and installing Fortnite on PC

The first thing you should do is access this link , on the official Fortnite game page. Click on the option “Play for free now” and then select the platform “PC / Mac”.

You will then need to create an account. If you already have an Epic Games account, just enter your login and password. If you haven’t already, then fill out the registration form. You are prompted for data such as country you are in, full name, display name (your nickname in the game), email and password. Proceed to the installation and set the destination folder on your computer:

Another option is to log in using a Gmail or Facebook account. After confirming your access, the download option will be released. Select “Windows” to download the installer. It is just over 32 MB and is your gateway to the game. After downloading it, double click to run and follow the step by step proposed in the installation guide. In a few minutes the game will be installed and ready for you to play.

Playing Fortnite for the first time

When accessing the game for the first time, select the “Battle Royale” mode on the home screen. On the character selection screen, choose the “Squads” option.

Within this new menu there are several options on how to play Fortnite: “Solo”, “Duos”, “Squads”, “Solid Gold V2” and “50 V 50 V2”. The first three are modes in which you play alone, in pairs or as a team. The following modes are considered special.

Then, it’s time to customize your character. Just browse through the “Locker” and “Item Shop” tabs to find emotes, weapons and equipment to customize your combatant. In the “Locker” option, the standard items are listed, while in the “Item Shop” you can buy new items.

When all of these steps are completed the game begins. In the first scene, you are inside a bus attached to a balloon. When you throw it you fall on the map, which corresponds to the fight scenario.

Your first resources must be obtained in the breed. To do this, use the pickaxe to explore the scenario and accumulate items. Weapons may also be available in the vicinity. The items you accumulate can be used to build buildings later.

Every three minutes an electrical storm causes the area of ​​the map to be reduced, which brings it closer to the other players. So keep an eye on the map to avoid staying in an area that will be affected by the electrical storm. If this happens you will be eliminated from the round. The team or the player who stays last last wins the game, destroying all his opponents.


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