How to Install and Manage Plugins in Notepad ++ for Windows 10

The programming is extremely important in the times in which we live and have the best tools we can help implement it . So having all the resources available will help you a lot in your work and that is our goal.

This tool is called Notepad ++ and it has come to be a great ally for all those who are looking for more features in their code editors, ideal for programmers.

What is Notepad ++?

It is a program with which you can edit text and source codes for free and that also supports several programming languages.

It is mainly created for the Windows operating system and is so to speak a kind of Notepad with various advanced options for programmers.

This program has several features, among which is the opportunity to highlight words from certain programming languages ​​so that you can easily identify them. In addition, it allows you to open several tabs, so you can see several documents at the same time if you need it.

You also have the ability to open files with any extension even if they do not have extensions originally within the system. You also have the possibility of Highlighting the parentheses, brackets and braces, recording and reproducing frames and indicating the number of lines which facilitates correction.

That way, when you make an error, you will not have problems knowing where it is, you will simply go to the line number that it indicates.

In short, it is a fairly complete tool and you can install it whenever you want on your Windows operating system in a very simple way. But not only can you enjoy all the functions that we showed you previously, but it has many more things.

In addition, you have at your disposal the possibility of adding plugins when programming. If that’s what you need, don’t worry, in this article we will show you how to install and manage the plugins in Notepad ++.

You can also download Notepad ++ from the Microsoft Store.

How to install and manage plugins in Notepad ++ from the manager?

Another advantage of this application is that it has its own plugin manager. In its previous versions it was called Plugins Admin and although its name changed, its functionality remains the same. So you can install the plugins without problems and locate them in the plugins menu of the aforementioned option.

Something practical about this App is that in it you can find a variety of plugins or add-ons that can enhance Notepad ++ but that you will have to install. So if you want to add plugins to this App you will only have to mark them to be installed and you can use them using the Install button.

And that’s it, that simple you can add the plugins you want. What if you don’t have a file manager ? No problem, we’ll show you what to do.

How to install plugins in Notepad ++ without manager?

Although it may seem somewhat complicated to install plugins without a manager , the truth is that it is quite simple. The first thing you should do is go to the Internet and download an administrator, which you will normally get as a compressed file that you must unzip or extract.

It is important that you take into account which system version your PC is, if it is 32 or 65 bits. This is so that when downloading the administrator it is compatible with your system otherwise it will not work for you.

Once you have it downloaded and extracted if it is the case, you must paste the file in this location “% LOCALAPPDATA% Notepad ++ plugins” .

In case this address does not exist on your system, then you must paste the file in this path “C: Program FilesNotepad ++ plugins”. In the case that it is a 32-bit one then you must paste it in this path “C: Program Files (x86) Notepad ++ plugins”.

Now to finish, if your Notepad ++ editor is open, you must close it and reopen it for the changes to be saved. Thus, the plugins you downloaded should appear in the Plugins menu of the program.

With these last steps in mind, you can download and install any Notepad ++ plugins you find. However, taking the correct precautions since not all Internet sites are totally reliable. Always keep in mind to connect to the Internet in the safest way.


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