How to install and configure WP-Chatbot?

The world of the Internet is very wide and there are many pages that you can find in which it addresses all kinds of topics. In the commercial sphere, the companies that do business within this platform participate in a war to see who offers the best service for their clients. To have a professional image, many choose to install premium templates or themes in WordPress .

If you have a website where you offer services or sell a product, you will know the importance of serving your customers quickly. However, if your business grows, the time will come where you will find yourself with your hands tied and you will not be able to immediately serve all the users who want to buy from you.

Let me tell you that there is a solution for this and that is to use a Chatbot to be able to serve all your customers. This is a great solution because these bots do not suffer from human limitations and can work quickly 24 hours a day, you just have to learn how to install an automatic ChatBot to a web page .

You can add this Chatbot easily if you are a WordPress user completely free and we will guide you through the process. So pay constant attention to the article that we have prepared for you to use this great tool for your website as soon as possible.

How does the Chatbot work?

Before we start, let’s first talk about Chatbot to better understand how this great tool works. So you will know more about this world and better understand the information that we are going to show you next in this article.

Conversational bots or as they are popularly known Chatbot are advanced programs that use artificial intelligence to simulate a conversation as if they were a person. In case you take customer service to other messaging platforms, you can learn to create a ChatBot for Telegram without programs .

These conversations that occur automatically can be as simple as greeting or giving a programmed message, as well as very complex depending on the artificial intelligence that was used.

Using a chat service using these programs is very useful not only because customers are served quickly, it will also give your business a more professional appearance. Also, the procedure to add this program to your page is very simple and you don’t need to be an expert in programming to get it.

All you have to do is follow the tips that we will give you below in this article so that you can use this great tool. Specifically, we will teach you to use the program called WP-Chatbot which is a Facebook plugin for WordPress users.

Using this tool that WordPress offers you, you can offer a higher quality service for all those who enter your page. Next, we will explain the procedure you must follow to install this Plugin on your website.

How to install and configure WP-Chatbot?

The procedure that you must carry out is very simple so do not worry since the steps that we have prepared are easy to follow. It should be noted that in order to follow these steps you must have a Facebook account and have downloaded the Bot that you are going to use on your website.

Step 1

Once you have downloaded it, I have installed it, you will be able to see that within your WordPress panel you will have a new section called WP-Chatbot . This will appear in the line on the left side of your panel and that is where you will have all the WP-Chatbot settings.

Enter this section to configure your new Bot so that it can adapt to your page and be your new assistant. The first thing you should do is link the Plugin with your Facebook account to be able to use your information and the services of this social network.

Step 2

Once you have done that, the program will ask you to choose which page you want to use in case you have several pages. After having chosen the page where you will have the Plugin, the following will be to write the automatic messages that will be shown when a user writes to you.

You can also edit the visual section of the chat so that it adapts to your tastes or the visual section of your page. Once you have configured everything, the following will be to go to your website and test the new Chatbot to see that everything works correctly.


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