How to install an external hard drive in PS4 update 4.50

The PlayStation 4 firmware update to version 4.50 has brought important improvements to the Sony desktop console , but if we have to highlight one of them because it is something that users have been requesting for a long time, we are left with the possibility of connecting an external USB 3.0 hard drive to expand the available capacity in our system, recognizing devices up to a total of 8 TB in size .

Well, the first step to make use of this function will be to  connect it via USB cable to the PlayStation 4 and let the device be recognized. Within the ‘USB Devices’ option in the ‘Settings> Devices ‘ section, the console will show it as one more storage unit, independent of the internal hard drive that it has installed.

But before starting to use it, we will have to give it the corresponding format so that the console recognizes it. To do this, we select the unit and simply make use of the option that the firmware offers us to properly format it and accept the file system that the console manages.

We indicate to the PlayStation 4 that the main unit in which it has to download will become the external hard drive by defining this as the default unit from the ‘Storage’ menu , selecting the unit and pressing the ‘Options’ button . Mention that our games as well as the main data of the games will remain on the internal hard drive.

If, for example, we want to move an application or game downloaded from the internal hard drive to the new external one, we will only have to go to  ‘Applications’ in ‘Storage’ , press the ‘OPTIONS’ button and select ‘Move to expanded storage’ .

Finally, and to safely remove the hard drive, hold down the PS button on the remote and select ‘Sound / Devices’ . Next, we select ‘Stop using extended storage’ from the quick menu.

As you can see, it is very easy to expand the storage of our PlayStation 4 , whatever your model is. Thanks to this new feature added by Sony with update 4.50 , we will no longer have to go around reserving space or deleting games every time we have to download a new release in digital format.


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