How to install, activate and configure Adblock Plus on Android to block ads

On repeated occasions when entering any page on the internet or even when downloading an application we can find that in some cases they can bring advertising, tabs that redirect us to others that we do not want to access or ads that we have to wait for. close.

This often can be very annoying and does not allow us to access the places we want to enter. This is also due to the fact that many application and page creators use these advertisements and advertisements of anything to get paid for them. In this way, you can monetize the entries to the page.

For this reason, in some cases when we want to access a page of movies and series on the internet to be able to enjoy a new film , we will be redirected to pages that have nothing to do with the portal where we are entering from the beginning. These ads are part of many pages.

But today solutions can be obtained so that this does not happen to us . Although, clearly, on some occasions we cannot remove them completely since, as we mentioned previously, they are part of the monetization that the page can achieve. If there are applications that manage to eliminate most.

Today we have a wide variety of apps that can help us with this problem , as there are already browsers that offer their own ad and ad removal services. At this time, we will tell you about one of the most popular ad blockers.

What is Adblock Plus?

It is an extension for a large number of browsers and an application available for Android systems . This has the function of eliminating, blocking and filtering all kinds of unwanted content , advertising and third-party advertisements from pages and applications to which we enter.

This application and extension is totally free , and it is also considered one of the content filters with the highest quality and efficiency in the world thanks to its tools and services that it offers to eliminate all kinds of advertising and annoying ads from our computers or mobile devices.

Thanks to this innovative blocker of unwanted content we can avoid any type of annoying redirects which even in some cases cannot lead to a virus or malware that can negatively affect our computer. For this and more Adblock has millions of users in the world.

On the other hand, the moment you delete these ads and advertising, the page you are accessing will be able to load much faster because the extra tabs to which it redirects you will no longer be at the time of entering the portal in which we want to be. .

How to install and configure Adblock Plus from our Android mobile device?

Our first step will be to download the application either from the official Adblock Plus page or through the Play Store. In case we download it directly from the page we will have to first go to settings and enable “Unknown sources” in this way there will be no problem with the APK file.

Once we have the app installed on our Android terminal, we will access and realize that the first requirement to perform will be the configuration of Adblock Plus, we will click on the ‘Configure’ button and this will take us to the settings of our wireless network.

Once in the list of wi-fi network servers we will look for ours and select it . Then we proceed to modify it. We will be presented with a varied amount of options in which we will change the Proxy from none to manual.

Then we will modify the proxy hostname, which will be completely empty, we will write there ‘Localhost’ and finally we will write ‘2020’ in the proxy port. Finally we will enter our respective password one more time and click on Connect.

Having already carried out the previous steps, we will enter the Adblock Plus application again, synchronize the filters and that’s it. We can now enjoy any page or application without any annoying advertisement or advertising.


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