How to install a PLC network to have Wi-Fi internet connection in the electrical network?

These days, a stable and secure internet connection has become vital for everyone. And we are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of it more and more. Today we help you by teaching you how to install a PLC network to have a Wi-Fi internet connection in the electrical network step by step , simply and quickly.

How can you install a PLC network to have Wi-Fi internet connection

A programmable logic controller, or with its acronym PLC, can be a great solution to your problems with your internet connection . The function of this useful device is to automatically carry out control actions after having programmed it correctly that otherwise would not be so easy to carry out.

It has the ability to enhance the functions of other devices that may not be as efficient as expected, or may even be dangerous. In our case, it can be really useful when trying to improve or increase the Wi-Fi signal of our existing router. It can work in a similar way to a Wifi amplifier , only that it works through an electrical network.

What steps must be followed to install a PLC network to have a Wi-Fi internet connection?

It may sound difficult or complicated to install a PLC network to have a Wi-Fi internet connection, but the steps to achieve it are really simple. Since, unlike the signal from your Wi-Fi router, the PLC signal travels through the electrical network and not through the air, its functionality is safe and reliable.

The simple steps that you must follow in order to start installing a PLC network to have a Wi-Fi internet connection in an electrical network are:

  • First you must connect your PLC device to the closest outlet to your WiFi router, this will function as a “dock” for the other devices that you put throughout the area.
  • Now, connect the router to the PLC device with the help of an Ethernet cable , which is normally included in the delivery package of the PLC section.
  • Find the other PLC device , and plug it into an outlet in the area where you want the WiFi signal to arrive, as this will function as a signal receiver.

That’s it! Now all that remains is for you to start using the new repowered Wifi signal, from the devices you have. Something that you must bear in mind when installing your PLC device is that for it to work correctly, you must connect it directly to an original socket and not to some type of extension or power strip.

Another option that you can have to improve your Wi-Fi internet connection if you do not want or cannot install a PLC network is to configure your router as a repeater , and thus you will have a higher quality signal that can reach every corner of your life.

We also recommend that you keep your router’s firmware up- to- date to avoid compatibility issues, and always verify that you did this correctly.

How can I get a PLC device in a simple way

After having seen the great functionality of PLC devices , and how easy it is to install them, you are surely wondering how and where to get one of the useful devices. All you have to do is go to a trusted electronics store, and there you can easily find one of these devices.

And if you are a fan of buying and testing devices from your own home, something you can do is visit online stores such as Amazon and others like it. There you can find a great variety of models of it, with the advantage of being able to see the different offers that are there.

We encourage you to buy one of these effective devices, and that you can start enjoying the wonderful options that it offers. And if you are still not convinced, we recommend that you investigate the differences between a PLC network and a Wifi adapter to find out which of these devices is more convenient for you.

We hope that this information has been helpful to you, and that you have learned to install your own PLC device quickly and efficiently. Enjoy a quality internet connection and the infinity of options it offers.


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