How to insert slides into Power Point from another presentation

Technology makes big changes . We need systems that save us time and minimize efforts on a daily basis , the academic or labor field does not escape from it. In that case, you will find the Power Point slides, which we can do in a creative and professional way . Inserting Slides into Power Point from another presentation in a different way from the original one is easier for us. For that reason, this post will help you learn how to do it.

Advantages of placing an original slide to a secondary one

This method is of great value, it will also provide you with many advantages, among which we can mention a very important one, such as saving time and work when preparing or changing the format of your presentations . You will also have the opportunity to have several slides with the same theme, but with different designs, something that you can do easily and for free .

It is important to know that you can make the changes you want, without affecting the original slide, its quality or its content; just as you have the option of choosing the style of your preference, conditioning it to the place, time and occasion in which you plan to carry out said presentation.

Either in the form of a talk, speech, forum, symposium, among others, always keeping in mind that the teaching remains for the recipient.

How to Send and Insert Power Point Slides to the Other Presentation Sheets

It should be noted that you can select the template where you want to work, for example PowerPoint Templates Simplicity, among other PowerPoint templates that you can download and add . First, what you must do is choose the slide you want to copy, you must make sure that you are in normal view, click on the presentation to the left side and then press the right side, where the menu from which you must choose to copy appears .

Once the previous step is done, the next one has to do with modifying the destination theme; the first step is to place the cursor on the left side, and press the right button.

Then you will be able to visualize


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