How to insert hashtags on Youtube

Did you upload a video on Youtube that you thought was going viral but after a few days did you realize you were the only one who saw it? Overwhelmed by disappointment and anger are you about to launch your PC from your home window? Wait a minute, maybe something can be done to increase popularity on Youtube; maybe you didn’t remember to put hashtags on Youtube . Yes, even on Youtube you can use hashtags to try to make a video more visible.

If you still don’t know how to add hashtags on youtube then spend a couple of minutes of your life reading this short article and you will have clearer ideas, I assure you!


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Insert hashtags on Youtube

What are Youtube Hashtags

Before starting to see how to insert hashtags on Youtube I just wanted to clarify what hashtags are and what they are for on Youtube. Let’s start by saying that youtube hashtags  are keywords and are used to associate videos with relevant topics. Basically they allow you to “catalog” your video on the immense Youtube archive to make it more visible and increase its popularity. You can insert hashtags with up to 3 words without spaces and you can insert them above the video title or directly within the title. Hashtags are always preceded by the hash symbol (#) for example #blogdiPaoloIozzino.

Obviously Youtube hashtags must be relevant  with the video, it is useless to put more desperate hashtags in search of increasing views; hashtags are checked and you risk seeing them removed.

Add hashtags on youtube

To insert hashtags on Youtube above the title, just add the hashtags in the video description. Pay attention in the description not to put the # symbol because it would be read as a hashtag. An example of a description could be

“My beach holiday in Sardinia in 2020 #vacanza # mare2020 #sardegna” in this case Youtube will insert the hashtag holiday mare2020 and sardinia above the title of the video.

Instead, to add hashtags on youtube in the title, all you have to do is insert the hashtags inside the title; in this case you can enter up to 3 hashtags. The biggest limitation to insert hashtags in youtube video title is the limited length of the title.

You can also add other hashtags, in the section called Tags; in this case you will not have to use the hashtag before the hashtag but directly enter the words separated by a comma.

Add Youtube hashtag from app

If you want to add hashtags on youtube directly from a smartphone, open the Youtube app (on iOS available in the Apple store ) and eventually log in and press the collection button at the bottom right and then select the item Your videos .

From the list of videos you have published, press the 3-dot symbol next to the video for which you want to add youtube video hashtag and from the menu that opens, select the edit item .

To add hashtags above the title, press the button with the pencil shape next to the description and add the hashtags (preceded by the hashtag) within the description.

To insert hashtags in the title, press on the video title and enter up to 3 hashtags. To add additional hashtags, click on Add Tag and write the hashtag word without the hashtag and repeat for the other words you want to add,

When you have finished inserting hashtags in the Youtube video press the Save button to make the changes to the video.

So in conclusion, adding youtube video hashtags is really simple and will definitely allow you to increase popularity on Youtube. You can insert hashtags on Youtube above the video title and in the title itself but not only, you can add additional hashtags on youtube in the tag section. You can add youtube video hashtags even from smartphones directly from the Youtube app. If you want to read other guides on Youtube you will find them all on this page.

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