How to insert and apply textures in AutoCAD

If it is about making drawings with a professional finish, where the precision of its line and style has no comparison with other similar programs, we are talking about AutoCAD . But not everything can be lines, it is also necessary that the objects show something else in their design. For this reason we want to teach you how to insert and apply texture in AutoCAD step by step.

It is possible that if you handle this program you will know how to use and apply some essential tools for design . But it is very likely that you do not know how to use different materials to represent different textures with an almost realistic finish. If you really want to be an expert in the use of this program, we suggest you not stop reading.

No matter what version of AutoCAD you are using, you will always find different ideal commands to insert textures and shading. We have tried to help you with the creation of different tutorials so that you can learn more about this design application. And you know, for example, group objects , elements or blocks with the application.

How to insert and apply texture in AutoCAD step by step

The steps that we will describe below, will allow you in a very simple way to insert and apply texture in AutoCAD step by step. It is very important that you follow the instructions that we offer you in this tutorial to the letter. Just as you did to insert and apply texture to your design without major complications.

You are going to verify that only three steps will be necessary to apply this function in AutoCAD and to start we go directly to the application to open it. Now you must find the file, where the element to which you want to apply texture is located. To do this, you must go to the main menu and select by clicking on the File tab.

Steps to insert and apply texture in AutoCAD

Then you must choose between the options that are offered to you and click Open, then you must find the file that you will apply the texture and finally click Open .

Once the entire process of choosing the file is finished, we will start with the second step. And this consists of writing Shading in the command field so that you can apply texture to objects in two dimensions.

Next you must choose Type, then select Pattern, continue with the Pattern Color option and finally the Background Color option. What you need to do next is click the Add button: designate points. Now go to the objects you want to shade, click inside and then hit the Enter key.

By doing this the Shading Texture will be applied to the area of ​​the object you have selected, now we will move on to the third and last step. And this consists of going to the command field and writing the word Materials. This will allow the texture material to be applied to an object in three dimensions,

Now go to the Autodesk Library and in the Material Finder, you are going to review the different textures that this window offers you. You can choose from a wide variety of textures and select the one that best applies to your design. Now choose the drawing object for AutoCAD . And now all you have to do is press the Enter key on the keyboard to apply the material to the object.

Now go to the command field and you are going to write the word Image and in this way you will be able to see the texture that you have just applied to the selected object.

And voila, you no longer have to do anything else and you can see that it was extremely simple. Now if you wish you can apply this same procedure to your objects but with other materials.

So you can experiment how your design will look if you apply different textures on it, you can modify it to your liking and the more you use this function, the more expert you will be. And for you to learn a little more you can see how to activate the file creation wizard . In this way we finish the tutorial, how to insert and apply texture in AutoCAD step by step


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