How to insert and add an image plane in 3D Studio Max

3D Studio Max is a powerful tool that allows you to represent real world objects using 3D graphics. If you want to create a 3D model you can use an image plane. For this purpose, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to insert and add an image plane in 3D Studio Max

What is 3D Studio Max?

3D Studio Max is an application created by the AutoDesk company in 1990. This tool allows the creation of 3D graphics and animation . The name “3D Studio Max” was changed to “Autodesk 3ds Max”.

This application has a platform based on the use of plug-ins   and is widely used for the creation of movies, advertisements and video games. 3D Studio Max has multiple tools and functions similar to those offered by Solidworks for making animations or the task of designing a web page with Coreldraw.

Features of 3D Studio Max

3D Studio Max is used to create 3D graphics by computer and under the Windows platform The program has a set of modules and attributes such as the animation controller system and the material editor.

Additionally, 3D Studio Max supports the insertion of third-party plug-ins and facilitates the handling of a rendering subsystem with volumetric effects. 3D Studio Max contains an “Editable Mesh” that allows explicit modeling, freeform deformation of figures, and subdivision of surfaces.

How to insert and add an image plane in 3D Studio Max

If you want to insert and add an image plane in 3D Studio Max you need to get the application, install it on your computer and use its functions . For this, we advise you to follow a series of steps that we explain below.

Download and install 3D Studio Max

Initially, you need to download 3D Studio Max. For this, you can access the official Autodesk website , locate the latest version called “Autodesk 3ds Max” and proceed to download it to your computer.

After the download is complete, run the installation file and wait a few seconds for the installation process to complete. You will notice that you have obtained a trial version that expires after a limited time.

Access the 3D Studio Max program

To open the test application of the 3D Studio Max program, you can type in the Windows search engine “Autodesk 3ds Max” or locate the icon of the program on the desktop and double click on it.

Add a plan in 3D Studio Max

In the window that corresponds to the 3D Studio Max interface, locate the “Create” panel and select the “Plane” option . Go to the upper left corner where the “Front” view panel is located and slide the mouse from this part to the lower right corner. See if a white plane has been added to the scene.

Edit the plan

To be able to edit the plan, you must access the “Material Editor” through the “M” key . Locate the “Basic Color Parameters” and choose “2 Sided.” In “Auto-Illumination of basic Blinn parameters” enter the value 100 to change the color.

Afterwards, look for the section “Blinn basic parameters” and select the gray box that you will find next to the “Diffuse” option.

Insert the image

Choose the “Bitmap” option and locate the image you want to add from your PC’s hard drive . Then, click on the name of the image file and press the “Open” key.

Assign the image to the plane

It is essential to assign the image to the plane . To do this, select the plane of the front view and in the “Image Editor” choose the option “Assign selection material”. This will map your image on the 3D Studio Max map.

Finally, press the button “View show map” in order to view the image plane from the 3D Studio Max desktop. If you save the plan, you will be able to view it with the rest of the files of this type in the Windows 3D objects folder .


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