How to insert an inline image into an email with Thunderbird

Perhaps one of the aspects that has not allowed email managers like Mozilla Thunderbird to have the comeback between the preference of users. It is the lack of knowledge of its different attributes and functions and one of them we will explain clearly in the following article. And it’s about how you can insert an online image into an email with Thunderbird.

With this action we are going to avoid having to send an image as an attachment and instead combine the description of our trip and include an image. Thus we will combine our experience between written language and images . You realize the great advantages that Mozilla Thunderbird offers you and the way to mix text and images without any problem.

But do not think that doing this task may take a long time or is a somewhat complicated task, because none of that. For this reason, in this article we give you the necessary steps for you to learn this new technique. Believe it or not, there are many options that you can find in this application and one of them will allow you to convert and import   an email from Outlook to Thunderbird.

How to insert an inline image into an email with Thunderbird

Next we are going to show you what you must do to be able to insert an image in the body of an email , to then be sent online through Mozilla Thunderbird.   And for this we are going to do the following, first you must enter Mozilla Thunderbird and create a new message and then you will put the mouse cursor anywhere in the message.

The place you choose is where the image will appear, which you previously downloaded to your PC, then you go to the main menu and select the Insert option and then Image. It is important that you consider the size of the image, which should not exceed 640 × 640 pixels. If so, you must reduce it so that it can be inserted without problems, now in the Alternative text option, you can write a brief review.

Steps to insert an online image into an email with Thunderbird

A dimension, this alternative text , will only appear in the plain text version in your email . So whoever chooses this version will have a clear idea of ​​where the image appears, which is still available as an attachment. Once all these steps have been completed, go to the Ok option and click there, now you can continue with the editing of your email message.

It is also possible to insert an image that is on a web server , without it being a copy of an attachment . So in order for you to include an image of a website in your message you must do the following. Go to the image and copy its address, it must be public so that it can be seen by all recipients.

The next step is to go to the main menu and choose the Insert option and then select Image, now you must put the mouse cursor where the image location is. The next step is to press the Ctrl + V keys and the address you copied before will be pasted. In the Alternative text option, you must add to any review.

It is important that the image you choose is not marked, it is possible that the Attach image option does not appear. In these cases, you must click on the Advanced editions option and in it you will write the following in Attribute: moz-do-not-send . And in value you must enter True, to finish you must click on the OK option and then OK.

In this way we have shown you two very simple ways to perform this operation in your email messages. But you may want to insert a background image into your choir to give it more personality. And that’s how easy and fast you have learned this trick that will help you insert an image online in an email with Thunderbird .


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