How to insert watermark in word 2007

How to insert watermark in word 2007.Do you want to know how to add a custom watermark in word 2007? Learn how to insert ghost text behind the content of a word page. Put a background text in word.A watermark is generally used to indicate that a document should be treated in a special way, confidential or simply to personalize it.

How to insert watermark in word 2007;3 Steps

Steps to place our own watermark in word:

  1. Page Layout tab and click Watermark .

How to insert watermark in word 2007

2.We deploy the watermark button and click on Custom Watermarks .


We deploy the watermark button and click on Custom Watermarks .

3.We can select an image of our team as a watermark or write our own text as it appears in the image.

  1. Apply and OK button .

The end result is a custom branding on our text documents.

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