How to insert a line break in an Excel cell easily

Microsoft Excel is an extremely useful tool for collecting and organizing information. However, it has the peculiarity that it is not designed to display very long texts. But you can do it if you learn how to insert a line break in an Excel cell , and in this article we will teach you.

If we take into account the size of the cells, and the way they are arranged in Excel, it can sometimes be uncomfortable to have very long text in a single cell . In fact, Excel keeps the size of the cell unchanged even though its content cannot be viewed in its entirety.

This can be a very annoying problem, especially if you need to organize information, be it from a form you have created , from surveys or from any other type of record. In case these have very long answers , in order to see each cell in its entirety, there are some simple steps you can follow.

Steps to insert a line break in an Excel cell

There are two ways to insert a line break into a cell in Microsoft Excel. You can see that both are very simple, and you really couldn’t say that there is one better than the other. It is a matter of reviewing both and choosing the one that you consider easiest to do. We will explain each one below.

The first way is by using the ‘Alt’ and ‘Enter’ keys . First, you must double click on the cell where you want to insert the line break. Then, you must click on the exact point within the cell where you want the line break to be, and finally you must press the ‘Alt’ and ‘Enter’ keys.

With this simple procedure, which will not take you more than a minute to carry out, you will have your line break ready. This explanation works if you have a Windows operating system . If not, you can check the Microsoft Support page for the explanation that works for your system.

Another way to insert a line break in an Excel cell easily

The second way to insert a line break in an Excel cell is also very simple. You just have to select the cell in which you want to try the line break (this is by clicking on said cell) and, with the cell selected, direct your attention to the ribbon of your Excel workbook.

Specifically you are going to look for the section called ‘Alignment’, and there you will see an option that says ‘Wrap text’ or ‘Wrap text’. When you click on this option, you will see how the text inside the cell is displayed complete , adapting to the width of the cell and giving the cell a more elongated configuration.

As you could see, unlike the previous method, in this case the line break is not made at a point that you select, but is applied automatically at the point where the text is cut by the width of the cell.

This means that, if you modify the width of the cell (which you can do by dragging the lateral border of the entire column at the top), the point at which the line break is made will also be modified . So you can tailor it to be done where you want it.

What do I do if these instructions don’t work?

If you are working in an Excel workbook with a pre-existing format , you may not see the changes you want by following the steps outlined above. But you should not worry, as there are several things you can do to fix it:

  • Review the line height value in the ‘Format’ section of the ribbon. If it has a fixed height, change it by selecting the ‘Auto-adjust row height’ option.
  • Make sure the cell you are working on is not a merged cell . If it is, you will have to divide it to be able to do the line break.

We hope that this effective article has helped you to know how you can easily insert a line break in an Excel cell , and that you are already an expert on the subject.


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