How to increase video views on YouTube

YouTube is a social network that allows you to acquire a free channel , in which you can create content so that everyone who enters here can reproduce it if you have a public account . To become famous on YouTube you have to have a wide variety of views in your videos, then we will tell you how to increase the reproductions in your content on this social network.

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  1. How does YouTube count visits?
  2. What characteristics does a good video have on the platform?
    1. Interesting content
    2. An eye-catching title
    3. Attractive thumbnail image
    4. A good description
  3. Tips to increase the reproductions of the videos on this platform
    1. Share the videos on social networks
    2. Collaborate with other channels
    3. Create Playlists
  4. How to get people to subscribe to a channel?
    1. Interact with the audience
    2. Customize the channel
    3. Post videos frequently
  5. Why shouldn’t you use bots to increase views?

How does YouTube count visits?

YouTube is a social network where you can publish content and the views of this will be counted by the platform, having many views or followers will allow you to access the option of acquiring pay for creating content .

The YouTube platform counts as a visit when the entries to the page or video are voluntary , or when it is of continuity with a video that you have been watching if you decide to leave it. For the visit to the page to be counted as a view, the video playback must last at least 5 seconds. When these are carried out by bots, they will not be counted as a visit by the platform.

The platform counts your views until reaching 300, when passing from here, the video enters a review process to ensure that these are legitimate and have not been the same users over and over again, if so, the views that have been deleted will be eliminated. been made in this way.

What characteristics does a good video have on the platform?

If you want your videos to be seen by many people, you need to attract attention on YouTube and create great content . In order for you to be able to produce a good video on the YouTube platform, you have to consider the following actions:

Interesting content

What you are going to record will have to attract the attention of your audience , so you must create interesting content. That once your video has started, the public is curious and feels comfortable with the content you are producing, so that they visit your channel and subscribe to it.

An eye-catching title

The title is the first thing your viewers will see, so you should draw attention to it, be creative, concise and do not lengthen it . If your title attracts attention, everyone will want to see your video. Also, try placing emojis on it to convey a feeling of warmth.

Attractive thumbnail image

The image is very important in your creations, a good minimal image that is creative will make you get the gaze of many and thus with your content captivate your viewers.

A good description

The description is a small summary of your projection, for this you must be precise and with a few words create intrigue so that everyone wants to discover what your new content will be about .

Tips to increase the reproductions of the videos on this platform

If you want everyone to see your creations, then we will give you a series of tips that if you follow it effectively you will have more views on your YouTube channel.

Share the videos on social networks

For more people to see your content, you can access the option to share your videos on other social networks so that users of other pages are informed that you have created a channel on the YouTube social network. With this, you will be able to attract the attention of your followers from other platforms and call for them to enter your new channel.

Collaborate with other channels

If you have friends from other channels, try to collaborate, so that the subscribers of this other user will know of your existence and will also become part of your followers.

Create Playlists

The playlists will make it easier for your users to play your videos , so when they see one of your content they will go to another of your productions immediately and will not leave your channel.

How to get people to subscribe to a channel?

If you want to have more subscriptions every day, to increase your earnings and popularity, you should follow all the following recommendations below:

Interact with the audience

Interactions with your audience are a great way to get more subscribers to reach you. Run contests, offer to mention people, be charismatic, and try to be liked by those who play your videos. It conveys a natural and very important image: Be yourself, this generates more confidence.

Customize the channel

Decorate and make your channel something that represents you, that’s why you must personalize it. A single channel will attract a lot of attention from new subscribers.

Post videos frequently

If you post in a row, you will appear faster in YouTube tabs, so create content frequently. With this you will also make your viewers not bored of the same content and thus you will have new elements to see.

Why shouldn’t you use bots to increase views?

Bots, such as buying followers on social networks, is not recommended, if you do it, the YouTube application will surely notice and sanction you . These are the reasons why you should not use bots to increase reproductions:

  • The likes given by bots are no longer counted:Apart from 2018 YouTube created a more advanced security regarding bots, now when an interaction activity carried out by bots is found, it will not be taken into account. This will work with: I like you, I don’t like you, or comments.
  • YouTube is prohibited from entering bots: If the platform finds out that you have violated its regulations, it can cancel your channel. That is why you must respect the rules of the community and not use this software.
  • Ruin the quality of your videos: Bots do not protect the video quality. The application of the bots will be able to make your elements appear with a low quality, these will only bring negative repercussions. They can even damage your reputation on the platform so that no one will see you.
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