How to increase the volume to the maximum in Windows 10

Can you exceed the maximum volume set? Yes, and we will explain how to do it on a Windows 10 computer. There are different methods to raise the volume of the speakers above the maximum set.

We all know how to turn up the volume from the Windows taskbar or from the external speaker driver, but in those options we cannot do what we promise in the title.

We can raise the volume above 100% and for this we will follow different methods. We already warn you that you will need to download some third-party options, but they are easy to install.

To raise the volume well above the established limit, you have to follow this little tutorial. It is not necessary to do all the methods, we can simply choose one and follow the steps, and if it does not work we try another.

Master Volume for Google Chrome

If the browser we use on our Windows 10 computer is Google Chrome, then we can go to Chrome Web Store and add the Volume Master extension .

With this gesture we will be able to increase the volume of the browser by up to 600% . We can automatically check it by opening a video on YouTube.

If the browser we use in Firefox, then the extension we have to add to the browser is SoundFixer. This works practically the same, and allows us to increase the volume to unknown maximums.

Windows 10 sound settings

We right-click on the speaker icon that appears next to the date on the right side of the Windows 10 toolbar and select “Open sound settings . 

From here we can increase the volume of the operating system sounds , but there are more explicit settings and they are the ones we have below:

  • At the bottom of the Sound settings window appears the option Device Preferences and volume of the application.
  • From there we will be able to choose what volume we want each application that we use to have on a day-to-day basis.
  • In this way, if we use several at the same time, having different tones, they can be superimposed on top of each other and we can detect them. We can also choose to remove the sound of notifications in Windows 10 .

Advanced speaker options

In the Windows 10 control panel we can find new options to improve the sound of our speakers:

  • We open the control panel from the search bar and then we access Hardware and sound.
  • Next we enter Sound and click on Speakers.
  • When we locate our speakers, we right-click and click Properties.
  • There we can change the icon and the name, but we are interested in other settings.
  • We enter the Advanced Optionstab and choose another sound quality.
  • In the Levels tab we can adjust the volume level of each speaker independently.
  • Once everything is ready, click on OK and the process is finished.

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