How To Increase The Security of Mac

Our Mac has many protections for our files and data that only work when our Mac is locked. The reason for this is simple: when the Mac is unlocked it is because we are using it. Ensuring that the Mac is locked when we are not using it is one of the best ways to increase its security and something very simple to achieve by requesting a password when the Mac wakes up or deactivates the screensaver.

A password to verify that it is us

The fact of requesting a password to leave sleep or to deactivate the screensaver of our Mac allows us to make sure that only we have access to the machine . When we stop interacting with the computer, it starts a countdown and, after completing it, activates the screensaver or goes to sleep.

If at this point we request a password to exit from sleep or from the screensaver, we guarantee that no one will be able to access the computer during our absence . Setting up the Mac like this requires these steps:

  1. In the Apple menu () we choose System Preferences.
  2. We enter Security and privacy.
  3. We touch the padlock on the lower left.
  4. We enter our Mac password or use Touch ID to unlock the panel.
  5. We activate the option Request password X minutes after starting the rest or the screensaver.
  6. We choose the time interval that we want to pass.

Keep in mind that a shorter period of time will give us greater security. It is also true that requesting the password just after activating the screensaver may not be the most comfortable, sometimes, for example while reading, the screensaver can be activated and we will want to deactivate it with a simple movement of the mouse, without a password. In this sense, it is best to choose between one and five minutes .


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Requesting a password to exit from sleep or from the screensaver is a very simple way to considerably increase the security of our computer. A system that is relatively comfortable, especially if we use an Apple Watch to unlock the Mac , and really effective.

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