How to increase the quality of a video edited in CapCut

Lately, the boom in social networks such as Instagram and TikTok has considerably increased the need to improve the way audiovisual materials are published on these media.

The main motivation of aspiring influencers or people who enjoy this platform is to achieve the publication of videos that can have excellent editing without having to use very complex tools.

Due to these recent needs, they have been given the task of creating new applications that allow video editing without the need to have complex knowledge or use difficult interfaces , where the application that has stood out the most during this year is the CapCut application .

This is a downloadable app for iOS and Android that allows us to edit any video vertically to create the preferred content for our social networks, with a fairly intuitive interface that has all the tools we will need to achieve it.

It is free to use and currently has more than 200 million downloads on the PlayStore , making it one of the most popular applications for this purpose.

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  1. How much is the highest quality that CapCut supports?
  2. Can you restore the quality of a video that looks very bad?
  3. How much of each CapCut value should I use to sharpen the image?
    1. Brightness
    2. Contrast
    3. Exposition
    4. Focus
    5. Bullet point

How much is the highest quality that CapCut supports?

Thanks to the power offered by the new equipment, which can reproduce videos at very high quality, Caput cannot offer less to its users when it comes to optimization and functionality. Therefore, its application is adapted to achieve the editing of videos in 4K or 1080P format , always highlighting that anyone without prior knowledge can perform the ideal editing for Instagram or any platform.

Can you restore the quality of a video that looks very bad?

A fairly regular case is that for certain shots a bad focus has been made, the video quality could have accidentally changed for the worse or simply the device with which we are recording cannot obtain higher quality images.

The problem is that these situations can be repeated many times and are difficult to solve, and doing it by conventional methods can be quite laborious , since the options of conventional video editors to solve these problems are numerous and quite difficult to understand.

For this reason, CapCut offers us its alternative in which we can edit our videos easily and simply. The procedure consists of opening our CapCut application , and then going to the filters option.

Once in it, we will have a wide range of options to edit our video, but in this case we are interested in the filter, which is identified as Ocher, we will only have to select the option and CapCut will instantly perform all the procedures internal to apply the filter to all our video.

How much of each CapCut value should I use to sharpen the image?

Although adding filters on Instagram  is the first option we usually take to improve our photos and videos. The truth is that, by adjusting each value manually, we will obtain a better result, much sharper and more professional. The different image parameters that we must take into account are:


The brightness of the image is quite an important option if we want to highlight the most relevant sections of our image, for this we will adjust its value to -12 .


The difference between black and white tones will need to be adjusted to a value of +25, so that our image has more white highlights.


Exposure is the amount of light captured by the camera with which the video was taken. The value of this property should be adjusted to +30 .


The focus is the area that should be highlighted and that will have the sharpest image, this value should be set to +80.

Bullet point

The vignette is the darkening of the image towards the edges, to increase the quality of our video we must adjust the values ​​in this section to 50 to obtain the best result.

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