How to increase or extend the coverage of my mobile phone?

Next, we will see how to increase or extend the coverage of my mobile phone . It is quite normal that every so often we experience the odd problem when it comes to the coverage of our cell phone.

Something to keep in mind is that, today, we all have a mobile phone. We carry it everywhere, it is like a part of us. Not having a signal or having poor coverage can complicate things, especially if we depend on our mobile to work, for example.

For this reason, we are going to see some simple tricks so that you can improve and expand the coverage of your mobile phone in a matter of minutes.

Improve my cell phone coverage

Check network settings

The first thing you will have to do is verify that the network settings are properly configured. For this you will have to go to Settings> Networks and internet> Mobile network.

What you must do here is activate ” Select a network automatically ” so that the phone searches for the corresponding network and has a signal. You should not do anything else in this section.

Avoid covers

This usually happens, especially if the cover is made of some kind of metallic material . It is more common than you imagine. So try removing your phone case and wait a bit, the signal will improve. If it does not, then the case does not interfere with the reception of the signal.

The telephone operator

Obviously you must bear in mind that some telephone operators have a better signal than others, depending on the area . It is not at all strange that operators sell more plans than their infrastructure allows them to cover.

If you recently changed operator because the plan they offered you is better, but now you have a worse signal than before. Then you are clear about where the most serious problem is.

Increase the coverage of my mobile phone

The importance of the battery

Believe it or not, the battery is too important for the phone to search for a signal properly. If the phone is low on battery it will cost you more to search for a signal, especially if you have other functions active.

To save battery, we recommend that you disable GPS, NFC, Bluetooth , etc. There are many tricks to save battery life on Android . Always try to keep the battery as high as possible.

Very crowded places

This is not a trick to improve coverage. But you must be aware that, if you are in a place where a lot of people are grouped, obviously the signal is going to be affected.

This is because we all have cell phones and we are using it constantly. This means that the data traffic in that area is considerably high and the mobile operator’s infrastructure must take care of dealing with all the people who are using it.

For obvious reasons, the signal may be weaker, precisely because of the number of people who are using your device. It is not the same to serve 5 people than to have to serve 50 .

Applications to check and improve coverage

There are many applications that allow us to improve coverage or at least check its quality. One of them is Signal Finder . The good thing about this app is that it will allow us to see where the closest towers are through a very detailed map of the area where we are.

At the same time, we can also find free Wi-Fi networks on the same map, all this in real time and constantly updated. Therefore, it is worth having Signal Finder installed on your mobile device.


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