how to increase or decrease the volume of each web page in Google Chrome

Initially, it should be mentioned that Chrome is one of the most popular browsers, therefore it is the one that users use the most today. Also, in this browser you can do many things and look for the information you like. In addition, this search engine provides great customization at the time of use.

It is also important to note that thanks to the Chrome Web Store you can enjoy a wide variety of elements and add-ons that improve the experience of Chrome settings. The ideal is to have it updated to its latest version.

In addition, this application allows you to access the email account or any link you want , or enter any platform. In turn, there are always a wide variety of tabs open and many of them reproduce sound, for this reason we will explain how to control the sound to be able to raise or lower it individually.

Chrome: Discover how to increase or decrease the volume of each web page

Mainly it should be mentioned that thanks to the Chrome Web Store that allows the installation of extensions , the volume of each tab that is opened in the browser can be individually adjusted. If you want to know the steps, we will explain them below so that in this way you can correctly adjust the parameters in Chrome.

It is important to note that Google Chrome allows you to silence the tabs individually , in addition Windows allows you to increase or decrease the volume of web pages. But Google still does not allow this function by default with its system, however it can be done by means of an extension.

The extension must first be accessed in order to install it in Chrome . Next, when entering, you must press the blue button on the right which says “add to Chrome” and then you have to wait a few seconds.

Then accept and you will be ready to control the volume of your web pages. What you must do next is to enter a tab, open the page of your choice and press the icon of the extension that is in the upper right part of the screen.

There you will see the extension and from that moment you can raise and lower the volume from the tab that is displayed. So you just have to click on the tab to be able to move the volume cursor to your liking, in this way you will control the volume of the new pages you visit.

Also by having several tabs open and playing sound volume Master will detect it. You only have to click on the extension icon and move the volume cursor, it is a simple procedure that you can achieve with a few steps.

The best way to control volume in Chrome

So with Master volume , this extension for Chrome you can control the volume of web pages at your convenience, you can raise and lower it. It is a very simple process that you can achieve with Chrome to avoid in this way being closing all the pages that I do not know you want to be heard at a higher level than others.

It should also be mentioned that Master volume allows you to control or increase the volume up to a maximum of 600% . You may be surprised by this amount, but surely you won’t have to use this level of audio much.

In short, being able to control music levels in Chrome is a simple procedure that you can achieve with the help of an extension. This way you will easily raise and lower the volume so that you do not mind what you are listening to in another tab.

It should be noted that the volume that is modified through the Master will only produce effects on the page you are on. This will not affect the default audio on your computer or other web page. So the extension can improve the default functionality.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to know your opinion. Have you been able to lower or raise the sound of the Web pages in Google Chrome by following these steps? Do you know of another method that allows this action? Leave us your answers in the comments.


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