How To Increase Morale by Motivation

A ​​leader must be observant to see if his employees are no longer passionate about their work. This can be detected by looking at the lack of initiative and loyalty of employees at work or lack of initiative in their work. This will decrease the motivation of employees to work and as a result, the employee’s performance will gradually disappear in the midst of an increasing busyness of work.

This must be avoided so that productivity in work does not decrease which can result in not achieving the company’s goals to gain large profits.

Motivation is like gasoline for a vehicle and the vehicle will not be able to move if there is no gas. The company cannot achieve its goals if its employees are not well motivated. For that, leaders must be able to pump their employees back to work enthusiastically by motivating them so that they will work better.

A leader does not need to be ‘fierce’ to motivate his employees, but can take several ways or approaches. In essence, be a leader who can be followed by employees because it can provide good motivation. Create a balance and positive energy to foster a sensation of  ‘enjoy’  at work. Comfort and certainty at work, as well as the feeling of ‘ enjoy’ , is one of the triggers that can generate intrinsic motivation for your team and employees!

What do leaders do if they see their employees are not enthusiastic about working?

There are several things we must pay attention to to motivate employees.

  1. Give rewardsby giving prizes worth the achievements. This method will encourage other employees to get good performance.
  2. Make them feel important and valued. When they are successful in their work, a leader must give praise and words that encourage them to work even better. So the employee feels cared for and his job is appreciated. That’s the form of motivation that is given.
  3. Build effective communication between employees and management. Employees will feel comfortable if they feel that they have listened to all the complaints, problems and ideas that they will convey. Be a leader who is willing to listen to his employees well. What is their concern is if their opinion or complaint does not want their boss to listen to them. Inefficiency in communication decreases work motivation. If the work motivation has decreased, the interest or motivation to want to work decreases, as a result the results achieved by the company will decrease.
  4. Help employees develop themselves. Create clubs, friendly competitions, and regular internal training or training, which can develop their skillsand competencies, while continuing to increase interest and teamwork among employees, to continue to arouse their work motivation. Employees who have more leadership skills should not feel competitive but instead arouse the desire of employees to develop themselves with the desire to learn on their own or to attend training or training.
  5. Build trust. Trust is the capital to make a better working relationship with honesty from employees. If there are employees who are lacking, don’t be ‘gossiped’ because it will be a problem where the employee will lose the trust of his boss. You should call the employee on a one-on-one basis to find out what the problem is. You listen to your employees and your employees listen to you. Your attention will build employee trust and keep them motivated so that they will be more enthusiastic about working.
  6. Create a positive and fun work atmosphere. Employees get encouragement from outside themselves which influences them to stay positive, for example a comfortable and pleasant work environment that encourages them to work. Thus, it will make employees enthusiastic about working. Employee motivation needs to be improved so that they are more enthusiastic about working and working more professionally and feel at home as employees in the company.

Don’t let them resign just because they don’t have work motivation. Perform ways to consistently motivate employees to achieve maximum results.


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