How to increase font size in Safari on iPhone

Safari is an extremely user-friendly browser. So convenient that even Apple’s own attempts to make it even better by shifting the address bar to the bottom of the screen were unsuccessful. Users did not approve of this solution at the testing stage and made it clear to the company that this is not at all what they want. As a result, the browser was returned to its original view, leaving everything as it was. But the interface is one thing, and the sites themselves, which a priori cannot adapt to the preferences of the majority, are completely different. This means that we will set up their layout ourselves.

Safari allows you to customize not only your interface, but also the layout of sites

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If the element sizes of sites in Safari seem to you too small or, conversely, too large, do not worry. Everything can be changed. To do this, in the settings of Apple devices there is a special tool that allows you to change the scale of sites , making them larger or smaller, depending on how you like it more.

How to zoom in on a page in Safari

If you need to resize a page in Safari on iOS, you will need:

  • Go to “Preferences” and open Safari;
  • Scroll down and open Page Zoom;

Changing the scale of the page is not very convenient. But someone needs it for sure

  • In the window that opens, select the percentage of enlargement;
  • Open Safari and compare the result with the previous one.

While Safari’s preferences allow you to zoom in on the page, it’s still not changing the font size . In this case, the dimensions of the visual elements of the site simply change, as if you simply zoomed in with a pinch-to-zoom gesture. Of course, this is not very convenient to use. But it is possible to simply change the font size on the site .

  • Launch Safari and open any site with text;
  • Wait for the download and press “aA” in the left corner;

This setting allows you to change only the font without breaking the layout.

  • Click on the letters “a” or “A” on both sides of the “100%” icon (this changes the size of the font itself);
  • Watch how the font changes and choose the size you want.

In this case, the font itself will really change without knocking down the layout. Moreover, the settings will take effect only for a specific site. For example, if I changed the font size in Safari to, everything will remain the same on everyone else. That is, you will have to configure each site separately. This is done in order not to knock down the layout of all web pages at once if something goes wrong.

How to enable reading mode on an iPhone

Safari font settings are saved forever. The browser remembers all settings, and then reproduces them every time you open the very site where you changed the size of the layout. In principle, the settings have no lifespan, so most likely they will remain with you until you clean your browser, that is, delete all data.

However, these are not all settings. If you wish, you can also remove all visual elements, except for text and images, and even change the color of the site’s background. All this makes the mode for reading :

  • Open the site with the text and press “aA”;
  • Here enable the “Reading mode” option;

Reading mode not only blocks unnecessary visual elements of the site, but also allows you to customize the font, its size and even the background of the site

  • Adjust the font size as in the instructions above;
  • If necessary, change the color of the background of the site.

There are four options available here: pure white, cream, gray and black (in fact, this is the night mode). When gray and black are selected, the text color is invested, becoming the opposite shade. That is, if before it was black, now it will become white or white-gray. This is done so that you can still see the text against the changed background.

Reading mode is good because, firstly, it removes all unnecessary elements of the site, leaving only the necessary information, and, secondly, it blocks all ads. Thus, you will not see intrusive ads when reading articles on your favorite resource. You don’t even need an ad blocker for that . Safari will block everything automatically. But when you turn off read mode, everything will come back.

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