How to improve with 5 key habits

If you want to change the world, first try to improve and transform yourself.

Dalai Lama

Everyone sooner or later wonders how to improve or how to create the best version of themselves .

When you do some simple research you almost always end up in personal growth sites and blogs where you can read countless interesting techniques and strategies.

The problem, however, is that if we want to improve ourselves from scratch, specific and targeted techniques are not the best idea to start a path.

It is much more effective and sensible to dedicate oneself to those few elements that have a significant , consistent and constant impact over time, elements that can be converted into small daily actions.

For this reason I have prepared a small list of the 5 factors that can be converted into habits to improve oneself .

How to improve with 5 basic habits

# 1 The 8 hours we forget

When it comes to how to improve, we often forget that we have a large number of hours that we do not actively use that we do not pay attention to .

I’m talking about sleep.

Sleep is essential for various reasons: for example, if we maintain an incorrect posture while we sleep it will affect us on average for 8 hours.

Imagine staying 8 hours on your desk, every day working completely wrong with your back and the problems that could arise from this bad habit.

When we sleep it is the exact same thing.

Since it is a good part of the day, the time we spend resting can have a lot of impact on our health and our existence in general.

So try to keep a good position when you sleep and make the most of this time: to learn more, read the article on how to sleep well .

# 2 We are what we eat

Nutrition is another vital factor in improving ourselves because we eat every day, several times a day , for the duration of our life.

For this reason, having a decent diet and maintaining a sensible and balanced lifestyle can really make a big difference.

If we are not used to eating properly, we may be a little confused, especially thanks to the media advertising amazing diets just to sell certain products.

Therefore, if you want to improve this important aspect, you will have to go to a nutritionist biologist or dietician.

Even if you don’t have any major weight problems, maintaining an adequate diet will not only make you feel better, but will prevent many future diseases and health problems.

To learn more about this habit, you can read the article on foods to avoid ; if you want to get back in shape, the article on how to lose weight .

# 3 Tell me what job you do and I’ll tell you who you are

If sleep, as we have seen, takes up 1/3 of our day, work usually takes up as much space in our life, if not more.

Having a job that we can’t stand, that doesn’t gratify us or with people we can’t get along with, affects our mood, our relationships and the quality of our life in general.

To improve ourselves we need to do a job that gives us good gratification .

If you haven’t entered the business world yet, consider your options carefully.

You not only have to pay attention to the type of job you would like to do, but also to the environment in which you will have to work.

Think carefully about the fact that you will spend over 1/3 of all your days with the people you will work with, in short, a choice to consider.

If, on the other hand, you are already inserted in a working context, ask yourself if you feel comfortable or if you wait for the end of the shift every day to leave that environment.

In whatever situation you find yourself, remember that the job is better to attract it than to look for it, as I explain in this article .

# 4 How to improve with experiences

Experiences shape our character and temper us.

There is a big difference between spending your life spellbound in front of the TV or living a life full of stimulating and impactful experiences.

Unfortunately, however, we have a tendency to sit on the sofa and get distracted almost to get out of a life we ​​don’t like .

Surely you too can notice the difference between a person who has traveled, who has come into contact with many cultures and who in general has a noteworthy experience, compared to a passive and monotonous worker all TV and office.

If we want to improve ourselves, our character and our mentality in general, we need to live a full life .

To start, you can take a look at the article dedicated to things to do before dying and then ask yourself: what are the experiences that can most shape and improve me ?

# 5 Improve yourself by feeding your mind

When we want to improve ourselves we can focus mainly on our body and mind.

We have already seen how to improve our body thanks to nutrition and rest.

To feed and nourish the mind, however, I recommend that you read these articles carefully.

  • How to invest in yourself
  • The history of crutches
  • How to think outside the box
  • How to tell if you are wasting your life
  • Idioms to be deleted
  • The story of Kaori’s seed

These posts are great starting points, but if they’re not enough, take a look at the Individual Growth archive and subscribe to the newsletter .

How to improve yourself and get more out of life

Now let’s see other general tips to understand how to improve.

  • Restrict social media and start a media diet
  • Try to meditate
  • Become a positive and cheerful person
  • Wake up early to do something useful for yourself
  • Develop your creativity
  • Volunteer
  • Learn to manage your time
  • Set personal goals to achieve
  • Improve something you already know how to do well
  • Read valuable books
  • Increase or develop new skills
  • Find a mentor who can guide you
  • Exercise ( click here for15 good reasons)
  • Leverage on the characteristics that differentiate you from others
  • Keep your promises
  • Avoid excessive procrastination
  • Write a gratitude journal
  • Value your strengths
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Enhance your appearance
  • Develop an assertive character
  • Get to your appointments on time
  • Learn to have the answer ready
  • Keep your space clean
  • Know yourself
  • Raise your awareness
  • Expand your points of view

Let’s see now how to improve yourself with logic and common sense.

How to improve with the 80/20 principle

As from the initial premise, I would like to point out that there are countless factors to develop in order to improve .

These 5 that I wrote, however, act on the bulk of the work .

It would be useless, for example, to look for exotic and particular foods to improve a single aspect of our body if we continue to eat junk foods every day.

As the Pareto principle teaches , we must first of all work on that 20% that produces 80% of the result .

In this case, eliminate junk foods to embrace a healthy and balanced diet, and possibly only after refine our diet with particular foods.

We must therefore identify the small habits that affect the most relevant slice of our health, our work and our happiness and possibly only then optimize the process with advanced personal growth techniques.

With this article I have tried to do just that, reflect on that 20% of actions that can drastically improve us .


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