How to improve the quality of Instagram stories

After thinking about it for a long time, you’ve decided to join Instagram to share your passions with others. After becoming familiar with the social network, you started to publish stories but you noticed that you have problems loading these multimedia contents because looking at them they are of low resolution.

How do you say? That’s how things are and, therefore, you wonder how to improve the quality of Instagram stories ? Compared to the profiles of other users, do you think that the content you publish is not of high enough quality? In that case don’t worry, I’m here to help. In fact, in this tutorial of mine, I will explain to you in detail improving the quality of your multimedia content, providing you with technical advice but also suggestions at a general level, so that you can make the most of all the potential of Instagram.

Having said that, if you can’t wait to find out more now, sit down comfortably, just take a few minutes of free time and read carefully the tips and procedures I am about to give you. You will see that, if you put them into practice, you will certainly be able to improve the quality of the content you publish on the most famous social network of all. At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good read and a good time.


  • How to make high quality Instagram stories
    • Purchase the appropriate equipment
    • Use app to not lose quality
    • Use the tools of Instagram stories
  • How to see the stories on Instagram in high resolution

How to make high quality Instagram stories

Before explaining how to improve the quality of stories on Instagram through specific advice, I must first make some technical premises.

In fact, you must know that unlike other social networks, Instagram does not allow you to manually activate or deactivate the loading of multimedia content in high resolution. By default, in fact, when you publish a photo it is loaded at the maximum possible resolution, ie 1080 pixels in height and 320 pixels in width.

With regard to the stories of Instagram , however, the recommended resolution is 1080 x 190 pixels with a ratio of 9:16 . Therefore, in order not to lose quality, the photo must be of this resolution, to be displayed in full screen.

Having made the necessary premises from the point of view of the technical aspect, to make Instagram stories in high quality it is necessary to implement a series of general tips and advice such as those I am about to talk to you about shortly.

Purchase the appropriate equipment

If you want to be sure you are making high quality Instagram stories you must first make sure you have the right hardware to publish these multimedia contents.

Therefore, what I recommend in this regard is to evaluate the purchase of a smartphone with a high quality camera since it is important, for a higher quality of the multimedia content you create, to take photos or record videos directly from your camera. device, avoiding zooming, so as not to lose quality.

As an alternative to the smartphone, if you have a larger budget you can buy a professional camera , following my purchase advice that I gave you in my tutorial dedicated to the subject.

In addition, you can consider purchasing useful accessories to improve the quality of photos and videos such as a ring light , an external microphone , a tripod and a set of lights . In this regard, follow the advice I gave you in my guide on how to make a video tutorial .

Use app to not lose quality

After purchasing the right hardware for the type of media you want to achieve in the stories of Instagram , I suggest you attach your devices to specific software, such as the photo editing app.

In this regard, the first tool I recommend you to use is a useful app for manually controlling the shooting parameters of your smartphone such as  Camera FV-5 for Android  or  Halide for iOS . In case you have never used them, I suggest you refer to my tutorial where I explain in more detail how to take professional photos .

Other tools you should use are editing apps or photo editing software . For example, for smartphones and tablets I recommend using Snapseed  for  Android  and  iOS  or  VSCO for  Android  and  iOS . On Windows  and  macOS , on the other hand, I recommend  Photoshop  or  GIMP .

If, on the other hand, you want to publish videos in the stories, you must necessarily use apps or programs for video editing. Among the best tools in this field are Inshot  for  Android  and  iOS , Adobe Premiere Pro  for  Windows  and  macOS,  and Final Cut Pro  for  macOS .

Furthermore, the possibility of using apps to create stories in a more advanced way, such as Insta Story for Android  and  Made for iOS , should not be underestimated . In fact, these are tools that, as already explained in my tutorial dedicated to how to make beautiful stories on Instagram , allow you to create this type of multimedia content having more editing tools available, without fear of a loss of quality. .

Use the tools of Instagram stories

In addition to the advice I have given you so far, to improve the quality of your Instagram stories it is important to know how to best use the native tools provided by the multimedia social network for creating stories on Instagram in an engaging and effective way.

I am referring, in fact, to the use of stickers but also of filters , through which you can respectively invite your followers to interact and improve the quality of the stories you create.

So to get started, launch the Instagram app , log into your account if necessary, and swipe left on the main screen to open the Instagram Stories media editor .

Now, take a photo or record a video, using the shutter button located in the center of the screen. Once this is done, press on the square smiley icon located in the upper right corner to open the stickers menu .

Now, use the interaction tools you see in this section: for example hashtags , questions , polls , or quizzes , to invite your audience to interact with the story you are making.

Other tools you can use to create engaging Instagram stories , available through the appropriate stickers are adding music or GIFs .

Once this is done, don’t forget to add a filter to your story, to embellish it, by pressing on the sparks icon and you can also write a text overlay on the story, by pressing the Aa button .

At the end of the creation of the story, when you are satisfied with the changes, press the button Your story , to publish it.

How to see the stories on Instagram in high resolution

Are you having trouble viewing other people’s stories on Instagram ? In this case, I suggest you activate the function you need to view high-resolution multimedia content within the social network app.

Having said that, launch the Instagram app , log into your account if necessary and press on the menu icon located in the top right corner of the main screen.

Now, press on the items Settings> Account> Use of mobile data > High resolution content and then put the check mark on the WI-FI only item or on the one called Mobile + Wi-Fi , to load the contents of the stories and posts of Instagram in high resolution even under the data network, but in this case consuming more gigabytes.

Another solution that you can implement to see a photo or video published in the stories at the original resolution is related to the use of one of the many online services that allow you to see the stories on Instagram.

For example, refer to the Instadp service and after connecting to its official website , click on the Instagram Stories downloader item .

At this point, type in the text field that is shown to you, the Instagram username of the person for whom you want to see the stories and press first on the magnifying glass icon and then on the Continue button .

Once this is done, you can see all the multimedia contents published in the high resolution stories and possibly download them, via the Download button . For more information about it, read my guide in which I explain in more detail how to see stories on Instagram without being seen.

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