How to improve the GPS signal and accuracy on my Android and iOS mobile phone?

If you are a person who travels through places you do not know very well on a daily basis, you will need to update your GPS. For this, it is very important to know how to improve the GPS signal and accuracy on my Android and iOS mobile phone, something that we will see in detail a little below.

You should know that improving the signal and the accuracy of your location is very useful not only for your GPS to work successfully, but also to improve your experience with different applications to obtain a more personalized service. Although you can also choose if you want to keep it active or deactivate it .

How my GPS works

The GPS or Global Positioning System is a technology that allows you to know the precise location of different objects. They work via satellite , so you can locate yourself if you are in a place with no signal or you no longer have internet access, although it is not usually very accurate.

In turn, if you want an alternative to basic GPS, you can set the Waze application as the default GPS , but for this it is recommended to improve the accuracy of your GPS.

How to improve the signal and accuracy of my GPS on Android in a few steps

Here is a list of tips and tricks that you should keep in mind if you want to improve the accuracy of your GPS, whether you have an Android device.

Make sure you have a good signal : As we mentioned earlier, the location of your mobile works by satellite, and although it is true that they work, even if you do not have internet access, the accuracy is not the best.

Internet speed depends on the mobile data you have available. And these depend on the availability of networks in areas with little or a lot of coverage. If you are in a place where your signal does not work very well, you can change to 4G, 3G, 2G, etc. This way you can access with more speed.

Connect to a Wi-Fi network : Applications that require your geographical location can connect to a Wi-Fi network, as long as you are not moving from one place to another.

Always keep your location updated : It is important that you configure the time zone and the country in which you are well, as your GPS uses this data to locate different places.

Delete your GPS data: To make it work faster you can delete your GPS data that you had previously. In this way, some sites that were saved will be deleted, preventing them from loading again when you want to access a new site.

Download GPS Total Run on your Android to be able to reset your browser data. Once you get it, enter the app and go to its settings. Click on Reset A-GPS Data> Get a-GPS Data.

With this you will achieve greater stability and positioning. You may also need to restart your mobile. In turn, it is recommended that you update the GPS or navigator to the latest version .

How to improve the signal and accuracy of my GPS in Android iOS fast and easy

Next, we leave you a list of tips and tricks that you should keep in mind if you want to improve the accuracy of your GPS, whether you have an iOS device.

Calibrate your compass : To be able to calibrate the compass of an iPhone device, enter the App Store and download GPS Essentials. After having installed it, enter it and from the menu at the top of the screen, go to Compass> Calibrate .

Reset your GPS data : For this you must download GPS Status & Toolbox from the Apple Store . With it, you can prevent your GPS from blocking when passing through satellite areas and losing signal.

Once you have it installed on your mobile, go to Tools> Manage A-GPS status> Restart system .

Improve the accuracy of your location : If you have problems establishing the location on your iPhone or simply want to improve its accuracy, you can download GPS Fix. With it you will improve the precision of where you are in real time. After you have it installed, open the app and select Start Fixing.

By doing the above, you will be able to put GPS coordinates in Google Maps with great ease and many other very useful actions.


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