How to improve low light or lighting in a video with Adobe Premiere?

Some audiovisual samples are seen with very little clarity , making it difficult to see what is happening. This can be solved by improving the lighting of a video with Adobe Premiere . An editing program that has different potentials in addition to this.

If you have a film or tape with bad lighting or a bad balance of colors , looking too blue or too red. You can use this software to balance these two elements in the perfect balance so that they can be better appreciated.

Other tools that the Adobe Premiere program offers you for editing your video is to be able to gradually raise and lower the volume  or to be able to eliminate ambient noise in your video.

Import the video file

The first thing you should do is open the program, and once this is done, you should import the file you want to edit, going to the top menu, selecting the “File” tab and then “Import”.

From here, a pop-up window will open within the application. Where you can browse the documents on your computer until you find the video, select it and press “Import” or simply double-click.

Now, the file will be positioned on the Adobe Premiere project screen, and to make changes to it, you must drag it from the upper left corner to the time bar located at the bottom, on the right side.

Apply light effects to improve lighting with Adobe Premiere

From this point you will begin to improve lighting with Adobe Premiere , applying effects that help dispel those annoying shadows or semi-darkness that do not give visibility to anything, and for this, you will find an option on the left side of the screen, in the lower box, that it’s called “Effects.”

This will be in the shape of a miniature folder, and right next to it a small arrow. You must select to detail all the effect options it has. There you will also find one called “Light Effects”, with which you will try to adjust the lighting themes of the video.

Adjust the intensity of the effects

Among all the settings to improve lighting in Adobe Premiere, you will see a small option called “Light 1 “. The main objective of this adjustment is to generally change the clarity of the audiovisual product you are handling.

For it to take effect, you must click on an arrow where it says “Intensity”, which will open a small panel with an adjustment bar. Consequently, you can move to the right (more light) or left (less light).

As expected, you must move the bar to the right side until the video gets the light you need, this in order to better detail the actions within the short, and it is something that will be up to your consideration.

Reduce lighting noise

When looking to improve lighting in Adobe Premiere, it is common to notice that certain sectors of the frames have been affected with a negative condition , that is, point units have an unnatural clarity and that they simply do not look quite right.

Luckily, the program has another effect that can correct this type of situation, which is placed exactly in the “Light Effects” section, which you accessed earlier.

This time instead of selecting the little arrow to show the various lighting settings . You must press the same statement, which will make an oval outline appear in the lower window where the video content is displayed.

This will be positioned in such a way that those sectors that were affected by the extra lighting that you applied in the video will be reflected. To correct it, you just have to take the center of the scheme and move it around to change the position of the light.

On the other hand, you can also adjust the boxes of the same lighting spectrum. In this way, you will be changing the shape of the light, and preventing it from affecting areas where the clarity makes more noise, preventing the unnatural effect that it produces in that place.

Once your video is finished, the next step is to be able to save and export it, but previously you will be interested to know that you can  reduce the weight of the video without losing quality. You also have the option to render your video faster and without losing quality.


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