How to improve download speed on PS4

Let’s put ourselves in situation. We are downloading a patch to test our newly purchased PS4 Pro from the PlayStation Store to enjoy our favorite game in all its glory. However, we are desperate to download that file that is really slow compared to the internet connection we have hired at home. Well, in this article we are going to recommend different ways to try to improve the download speed of our PS4, and thus have the games or files that we want in a faster way.

So, let’s make our PS4 faster by following these simple tips. Let’s get started.




Use network cable to increase download speed

If possible, we should download the PlayStation 4 games over a wired connection which is generally going to be significantly faster than over Wi-Fi.

Before we dive into this, we recommend pausing the download and starting over . Sometimes the download gets stuck and thanks to this we are going to start it up again. Also and although it seems silly, restarting the PS4 can help us improve our connection speed .

How to change DNS and MTU settings on PS4

We go to the menu [Configuration]> [Network]> [Configure Internet connection]> Select the option that best suits us (Use Wi-Fi / use LAN cable).

In the option “How do you want to configure the Internet connection?” , we select [Custom]

In the IP configurations, we choose [Manual] and we will find the following parameters:

  1. * Ip address:
  2. * Subnet mask:
  3. * Gateway:
  4. Primary DNS:
  5. Secondary DNS:

We will only have to change the DNS for the universal ones of Google:

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:

Once this is done we click [Next]

  1. In the MTU configuration select: [Automatic]
  2. Proxy Server: [Do not use]

A Diagnostic test will start. Select Next. Now we try to download the selected file and see if it goes in a faster way.

Finally, there is another way to speed up downloads on PS4, but it requires a little more effort since we will have to install a proxy server on our PC.

How to improve PS4 speed with a proxy server

  1. We configure a proxy server on the PC. We just have to Google ‘free proxy server’ and we will find a wide variety of programs that perform this function.
  2. We start the proxy server and write down the IP number and the port, where you can see the list of the HTTP port.
  3. We turn on the PS4 and go (Settings)> [Network]> [Internet connection settings]
  4. We select Personalized Configuration and in the space in which it is necessary to enter the IP number and the port, we use the data that we have obtained from the proxy server.
  5. It only remains to enjoy the noticeable improvement that is obtained to download PS4 games thanks to this method.

We have tested this method for large files over 20GB in size, and the difference in speed is impressive . In addition, you can always return to the usual Internet settings once the game or file you want has been downloaded.

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