How to import XML files into a spreadsheet in OpenOffice

In this article we will teach you how to import XML files into a spreadsheet in OpenOffice using the Calc application. But first, let’s know what other functions OpenOffice has and how to take advantage of its tools in the best way.

OpenOffice has been around for at least 20 years and has been very successful when it comes to free or open source software. It is an office suite alternative to Microsoft Office, since the latter is not available for all operating systems, however it is possible to convert an OpenOffice document to Microsoft Word

Its programs range from a word processor to a spreadsheet to perform operations. In the next block we will talk more about these programs and how to benefit from them.

What applications does OpenOffice have?

There are a wide variety of office suites on the market that adapt quite well to Microsoft Office, the most widely used office suite that has prevailed for the longest time. Even many of these applications are similar to the well-known Word, Excel, PowerPoint, among others that make up Microsoft Office.

For example, OpenOffice Write is the alternative program to Microsoft Word that even has a spelling and grammar checker . It is a word processor that allows you to write and edit written information. It works very well from writing a simple note, to writing an entire book with content, outlines, indexes and more.

OpenOffice Calc is in this case the alternative to Microsoft Excel. A software in the form of a spreadsheet to perform mathematical operations. Similar to this and in the same order of ideas, is the OpenOffice Math program . This is a formula and equation editor that can be used in text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and even drawings.

It also has OpenOffice Impress which would be the alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint. This is for creating and editing slides or multimedia presentations. And within it there are several editing modes. There is the normal, outline, notes, brochure and slide sorter that you can choose according to the type of work you plan to do. On the other hand, you can make or create an organization chart in OpenOffice .

In addition to those already mentioned, there are at least two more: OpenOffice Draw and OpenOffice Base. In the case of Draw, it allows you to create from simple diagrams or quick sketches, to dynamic 3D illustrations and a complex plan. Furthermore, Draw also gives you means to communicate with graphs and diagrams.

And as far as Base is concerned, this is a database manager with a full-featured desktop interface. This allows you the complete manipulation of databases, as well as being able to create and modify tables, forms, queries and reports.

The success of this free open source office suite also lies in the fact that the user has some control over the improvements of this software. Everyone is given the opportunity to comment and express their opinion, so the developers take into account the user’s opinion in order to improve the experience.

In addition to everything previously said about how OpenOffice works, it should be noted that this also serves to import XML files into a calculation in OpenOffice. What are these files and how to import them? Keep reading the next block.

What are XML files and how to import them into a spreadsheet in OpenOffice?

XML is the acronym for “Extensible Markup Language” and is a cross-platform language designed to store various types of data. Not only can it be read at the user level when created by a text data format, it is also machine-understandable and therefore practical for use in web services.

Since the design of XML relies mostly on simplicity, generality, and ease of use, it is used for multiple websites.

Now, how to import an XML file to a spreadsheet in OpenOffice? OpenOffice has two different programs capable of reading this type of files with XML language. It can be done using OpenOffice Write or OpenOffice Calc. Here you will learn how to do it using Calc and you just have to follow the following.

Launch Calc and select the “Open” option under the “File” menu. Then you just have to navigate between the files on your computer, select the XML file and click on “Open”.


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