How to hide your number in the call from Android?

We have all wanted to make a call from a private number when we need to communicate with someone to whom you do not want to leave a trace of you, this is more than possible.

Privacy and personal or family safety is one of the  main reasons why you should hide your number in calls and not only that, there are many people who save your phone number only to be able to call you later in the future in case of any need , this is frustrating and the number should be completely private, for this there are solutions.

What you are going to learn today is not not to leave a trace on the web of your call through a very complex cybersecurity , it is only that  when you call the other number appears as Private or Unknown and there is no way to reveal your number.


  • How complicated is it to do it and what devices can do it?
  • How to hide your number in the call from Android?
  • Quickly hide your number from iOS

How complicated is it to do it and what devices can do it?

Doing this is not complicated at all and does not require a very complicated prior and professional knowledge, on the contrary anyone is capable of doing it and also from any device, so is  any device , since from the factory for several years telephone companies have made it possible this option to people who buy their chips or in this case to companies that create cell phones.

How to hide your number in the call from Android?

In the case of Android devices there are two things you can do to hide your number , these may vary depending on the device you have and one is easier than the other, but do not worry, both are feasible and fast, here I explain step each one step by step.

  • Access the application from which you make calls, it can be called “phone” or “calls”
  • Look for the configuration section, in most Android it is on the upper right side.
  • Press it and go to “Settings” then look inside the “Additional Settings” section and enter
  • Here you will find an option that says “Hide number”activate it and that’s it.

If you can’t find this option, don’t worry, some few Android models don’t have it, what you should do is use another option that is the same as in iOS .

Quickly hide your number from iOS

Unlike Android, iOS devices do not have this feature (along with Android devices that did not work with the previous option) so this option will work  for both of them easily , all you have to do is this:

  • You will have to call a number that you do not have registered,if you already have it registered before go and copy the number of your contact.
  • Now go to the dialing of your phone and put the following code: # 31 # and immediately afterwards paste the number you want to call (it also works if you remember it in case your device does not allow you to paste in this section).

With this option, not only will the other user not have the slightest idea of ​​who dialed him, but also you will not be on his call list and when he wants to call you back, he will not be able to  do what he does, that is what I call being invisible .

If none of the two options worked for you and you are an Android device, there is a third option , I recommend you download Hide My Number from the Play Store, it is completely free and with more than 4 different ways it hides your number as well as the other options.

Now they will no longer be able to call you back from that place you  only wanted information about or you can even make that call to your ex that you saw so much in the TikTok trend from your account with dark mode activated.


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