How to hide the iPhone dock

If there is something that has remained practically unchanged in iOS, it is the dock that we have in the lower area of ​​the iPhone. Apple has very little tweaked the interface of its operating system, which is still a grid of applications. Although with iOS 14 and widgets came a big change on the iPhone home screen, the dock is still present in the lower area with no apparent way to hide it.

You can hide the iPhone dock

However, there is a secret way to hide the iPhone dock , a little trick that will give your iPhone home screen an exclusive and different touch. In the dock we can put applications and folders, and you can make everything that appears disappear completely, although you will have to “pay” something in return: the wallpaper.

Hide your iPhone dock

In order to hide the iPhone dock we must use a most curious trick. The iOS dock adapts to the wallpaper , so that it is translucent in a certain way so that it fits with our wallpaper. And we can precisely help ourselves with this function to hide it completely.

There are certain wallpapers that hide the iPhone dock if we place them in a specific way, specifically by disabling movement. Therefore, with this background placed on the home screen of our iPhone, the dock will become invisible and will disappear completely. If we also move the apps to another area, the lower part would be completely hidden.

The problem is that each version of iOS is different, so we need different wallpapers depending on the update we have on our iPhone. Below we leave you two wallpapers to hide the iPhone dock in iOS 14, but on this website you have backgrounds that hide the dock in any version of iOS.

Download background for eyepiece dock black

Download white dock eyepiece background

Now go to Settings> Wallpaper> Select new background and select any of these two that you have downloaded. In the lower area, press the button in the center to eliminate the depth effect . Then tap on Set and select the Home screen .

This is the only way we have available to hide the dock on the iPhone without jailbreak , the only downside is having to use one of these wallpapers. If we combine this with the possibility of having blank spaces between the icons , the home screen of our iPhone can be unique.


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