How to hide the floating thumbnail when taking screenshots on Mac

One of my favorite macOS features is screen capture . Not because of the function itself, but because of how simple it is once you learn the corresponding keyboard shortcuts . You press that shortcut and voila, you already have the capture made. However, for some versions already, an additional step has been added in this process.

While a few years ago capturing the screen directly generated a file on the desktop, now a thumbnail is generated from which we can edit the capture and finally save it, although there are those who still prefer that this step does not exist. Let’s see how to deactivate that thumbnail of the screenshots in macOS Big Sur .

Faster screenshots on Mac for everyday users

It’s very simple: you just have to press the CMD + SHIFT + 5 keys to activate the screen capture interface with its menu full of capture options and even video recording. On that screen, we are interested in clicking on the ‘Options’ button and deactivating the ‘Show floating thumbnail’ element:

Once this option is deactivated, we will be able to make faster screen captures by generating the image file directly on the desktop . If at any time we want to edit the capture, we can activate this option again by following the same steps as before, or we can open the image using Preview and using its integrated editing options (just press the pencil-point button in the toolbar):

Here we can download the new wallpapers iOS 15 and macOS Monterey

What we gain by deactivating the floating thumbnail is, above all, speed . For those who work taking several screenshots daily, it can save a lot of time and save many clicks in a day, making the process simpler.

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